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Could anyone advise easy christening cake recipes or am I mad?

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jrsqueak Tue 10-Feb-09 15:56:56

Getting married in 8 weeks and ds3 is getting christened on same day. Anyway we are having a wedding cake but now thinking of having a small sponge christening cake too. Am thinking of having a go at one myself but no idea where to start. Any advice/recipes etc much appreciated. If you think I am mad to try it can anyone recommend anyone in the Lancaster/North yorks/S Cumbria or even Liverpool area that would make us a cake but doesn't charge the earth?

PandaG Tue 10-Feb-09 16:01:29

what sort of thing do you want?

if there is a cake decorating shop near you am sure you could buy a centrepiece to go on tghe top - or get one online.

If you want to make it yourself, and want sponge, I would recommend doing Madeira as it lasts longer.

so make round or square madeira the size you want, cover in buttercream, then sugarpaste - you can even buy this ready rolled out in the supermarket if you like.

really easy decoration - put on cake board, put bought centrepiece on top, tie ribbon round cake, make it level with the cake board to hide any unevenness, can buy icing letters from supermarket or cake shop to spell out DS's name if you like.

If you fanct doing something a bit more tricky - shout! smile

jrsqueak Tue 10-Feb-09 16:23:49

Thanks pandag
Just something quite simple. But never made a 'proper' cake before but overall can cook etc. With ds1 we had a bible shaped cake. With ds2 we had a square cake just basic blue and white icing with a teddy etc on top but for an 8"cake we have been quoted £35 which seems excessive. so ds3 godmother has suggested we try and make one. Thick question - What is sugar paste.

PortAndLemon Tue 10-Feb-09 16:28:45

Basically, the roll-out fondant icing that you can use to cover cakes with. If you are modelling stuff to go on top you'll generally use modelling paste (which is sugarpaste with gum tragacanth or CMC mixed in -- you can make it yourself from sugarpaste or buy it ready-made).

PandaG Tue 10-Feb-09 16:38:18

tbh, £35 for an 8" cake with decent ingredients that doesn't sound way OTT, with decent ingredients and the time involved.

how about buying a plain iced cake from Marks and Spencer or Tesco, sure you could get one for £12 or so, and just add your own decoration?

jrsqueak Thu 12-Feb-09 08:24:10

I know you are probably right but from the same shop last year I got a 12" christening cake for £30 so I couldn't see the logic apart from the fact that we are in a recession.
Might have a practice run this weekend to see if I could do it

nickschick Thu 12-Feb-09 08:43:53

I bought ours at tesco then decorated it with baptism ornaments and used a special edible dye pen to write the dcs name on -looked fab and under £20

elmoandella Thu 12-Feb-09 08:48:00

asda cakes [[ decoration

the asda cakes come in a variety of sizes and types. i.e fruit/jam sponge/chocolate.

medium size is £7.48. if they dont have any instock you can go to the bakery counter and get one ordered.

it's just iced on top. you get the decoration yourself from that online shop (remember to get ribbon and cake board if you need it)

marks and spencer also do plain non-decorated cakes. you may need to order from the party ordering section.

m&s give you a choice of 1 bigger cake or individual cup cakes. but obviously at a slightly higher cost.they range between £15-60 depending on numbers.

jrsqueak Thu 12-Feb-09 14:06:52

thanks all for your replies. elmo found that cake on line - does it really come in sponge as it only says fruit on line. That is also a great price

elmoandella Thu 12-Feb-09 16:18:53

yeah, it's called wedding cake with the fruit. and i think its called celebration cake for sponge. i got one for my friend a few weeks ago for her dd christening.

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