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Would this be disgusting?

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HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 15:53:30

I was going to make some linguini tonight with salmon and broccoli in a white sauce. Does that sound grim? Would you add cheese to the sauce? I've got some parmesan.

I had a great recipe for a pasta sauce with smoked salmon in creme fraiche and dill sauce but I wanted to do something slightly different.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Mon 09-Feb-09 15:54:40

Sounds lovely, I would add some parmesan smile

WowOoo Mon 09-Feb-09 15:54:51

Sounds nice. I'd keep sauce white and just grate parmesan on top. But with cheese in sauce would be fine too. yum...

PlumBumMum Mon 09-Feb-09 15:55:24

Yeap thats fine I've made salmon and broc before, I would add the cheese too

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 15:55:26

Cheese sauce with salmon not too grim then? I thought it might be too rich.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Mon 09-Feb-09 15:57:26

I don't think so, salmon is quite bland with pasta so a bit of cheese would liven it up IMHO smile

thequietone Mon 09-Feb-09 15:57:32

sounds lush. Can you post me some?

AliBean Mon 09-Feb-09 15:58:29

My mum has always made a lovely white sauce to go with salmon which has salad cream and lemon juice in it. She also puts prawns and parsley in as well, but the flavour of the salad cream cuts through the blandness of the plain white sauce and really complements the fish. If you want to try it just stir a couple of spponfuls of salad cream in to the sauce and a squeeze of lemon...its homestly really, really nice!

I would also just put cheese on top and flash under the grill - yummy!

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 15:58:41

Ok quiteone, might need to be reheated

Excellent, thanks for replies, I'm off to make my white sauce

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 15:59:49

Don't have any salad cream Alibean, and it's chucking down here. I've already had one soaking today so it'll have to be an old fashioned cheese sauce. I could put some nutmeg in and plenty of black pepper to liven it up a bit.

SobranieCocktail Mon 09-Feb-09 15:59:50

Oooh I personally wouldn't put parmesan in it. Parmesan and salmon don't really go IMO. Then again, if everyone else thinks it sounds nice perhaps I'm the weirdy grin

SobranieCocktail Mon 09-Feb-09 16:01:26

I would do summat like this with salmon and broccoli

AliBean Mon 09-Feb-09 16:02:39

Fair enough!! I always have salad cream in the fridge only for this purpose...I don't like it on its own!

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 16:24:48

Looks lovely Sobranie, I don't have any cream (have to keep lovely things like that out of the house, I'm too greedy can't stop myself just spooning it in to my mouth )

I'll save that one for another day (when I'm not feeling so piggy too)

eekamoose Mon 09-Feb-09 16:27:21

No to fish and cheese together, except perhaps in a fish pie.

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 16:29:48

so if I'm making my salmon and broccoli sauce, do I cook the salmon first? Poach it in a little milk or pan fry or what?

snickersnack Mon 09-Feb-09 17:19:46

I would poach it and chuck it into the sauce at the end, I think.

Not sure about cheese in this context. I think it does work sometimes, but probably not here.

HeadFairy Mon 09-Feb-09 17:21:03

I'm going to leave the cheese out, dh can put some on if he wants it... The salmon fillets are in the oven as we speak...

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