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RTMTMML - chicken question for ya!! (Or anyone!!!)

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swiperfox Sat 09-Apr-05 19:01:20

As you saw this morning i'm starting 2 weeks of strict Atkins.

Just bought a chicken but need some different ideas of how to flavour it - bearing in mind i cant use flour!!

Any ideas?

RTMTMML Sat 09-Apr-05 19:02:57

All season - rub a little in.
Jerk seasoning, a little tomato and some onions
lemon, garlic, thyme
paprika, garlic, onion

parmesan Sat 09-Apr-05 19:03:44

slice into the breasts and stick sliced garlic in it - yum

serve with cauliflower CHEESE - made with cream - double yum

RTMTMML Sat 09-Apr-05 19:04:15

peanut butter (2 tbsps), 1 tin tomatoes, chopped onion. All in pot with chicken and a little water. Cook through then you can take out the bones and blend and have as soup, or leave bones and have as stew. Yummy!

RTMTMML Sat 09-Apr-05 19:04:34 parmesan! lol

iota Sat 09-Apr-05 19:06:22

chicken kiev, but wrap in parma ham instead of coating in breadcrumbs and bake in the oven

RTMTMML Sat 09-Apr-05 19:11:21

4 large chicken portions
salt and pepper
2oz (50g) butter
150ml (1/4 pint) milk
1/4 tsp dried sage
175g (6oz) button mushrooms
150ml (1/4 pint) double cream
2 tsp cornflour (if you are allowed)
1/4 tsp dried basil

Season chicken well. Melt butter in pan and fry chicken gently until golden brown. Transfer to a casserole with the butter from the pan. Pour milk over chicken sprinkle with seasonings and sage. Cover and cook for 45 mins (180C/350F/gas mark 4). Uncover casserole give contents a stir and add the mushrooms. Blend cream with cornflour, stir into casserole with basil. cover again return to oven for 15-20mins. Yummy!

parmesan Sat 09-Apr-05 19:14:13

not parma ham - PARMESAN!

swiperfox Sat 09-Apr-05 19:15:05

yum yum yum!! knew i count on you!! lol

I've been sitting looking at plain bland chicken for ages trying to think what to do with it lol I kept thinking about all purpose but couldnt remember what was in it!

Chicken wrapped in parma ham sounds good too.

I'm also going to make your salmon scrambled eggs again too - they were yuuumeeee!! lol

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