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Apparently this is "the most dangerous cake ever"

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Waswondering Thu 05-Feb-09 19:25:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BananaInfestedCustard Thu 05-Feb-09 19:30:50

Sounds positively gorgeous!!!! But does it really mean tablespoons...will all that fit into one mug???

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Thu 05-Feb-09 19:34:43

I'm guessing it must be s/r flour? hmm I have a very big mug, will try this tomorrow.

Waswondering Thu 05-Feb-09 19:36:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

skramble Thu 05-Feb-09 19:38:06

hmm may have to test this.

norksinmywaistband Thu 05-Feb-09 19:39:13

Sounds very dangerous to me, I have been known to need a sweet fix after a night out. This is now tortuous, I have a recipe, ingredients and little willpower.grin

Will pretend to myself that it wouldn't worksmile Will report back tomorrow which is as long as my willpower will last before crumbling

PortAndLemon Thu 05-Feb-09 19:40:51

<gets excited>

<realises doesn't have egg>

<feels deflated>

snooks Thu 05-Feb-09 19:46:20

wow that's a helluva lot of cocoa powder, I am definitely going to have to try this - except I seem to have 50 thousand mugs in my cupboard that I never use but none are 'large'. What is 'large'?

The thought of it rising over the top of the mug in the microwave slightly alarms me but I am secretly excited

<must get out more>

skramble Thu 05-Feb-09 19:48:39

Damm I don't have cocoa powder.

christiana Thu 05-Feb-09 20:00:58

Message withdrawn

conniedescending Thu 05-Feb-09 20:17:02

just made this (minus the choc chips) and its nice....a little dry so did DHs for 2.5mins and it was more gooey

great recipe!!!

skramble Thu 05-Feb-09 20:33:21

Would it work with instant hot choc powder?

Lmccrean Thu 05-Feb-09 20:35:33

v yummy! my microwave is 850w and I did it for 3 mins and its a little dry, but nothing a dollop of ice cream wont sort out ;)

norksinmywaistband Thu 05-Feb-09 20:36:18

OMG I won't be able to wait for tomorrow now I know it works grin

Mung Thu 05-Feb-09 20:37:32

Does it come out of the mug and go down the sides and into the microwave or does it have a certain element of self control?

supersalstrawberry Thu 05-Feb-09 20:40:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

conniedescending Thu 05-Feb-09 20:40:17

no - mine stayed at the rim of the cup...but they are large builders type mugs I used.

Waswondering Thu 05-Feb-09 20:54:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maria2007 Thu 05-Feb-09 23:09:51

I'll make this tomorrow morning for breakfast (very very dangerous you're right).

Califrau Thu 05-Feb-09 23:22:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bodiddly Fri 06-Feb-09 19:51:51

ok am going to try this tonight ... what kind of oil ... sunflower or olive?

mazzystartled Fri 06-Feb-09 19:53:37

ds and i made this today
really fun and quite nice
very spongy, verging on puddingy

WEESLEEKITLauriefairycake Fri 06-Feb-09 20:01:58

Mines is in microwave now

<bites nails nervously hoping for PMT fix to go with the win> grin

WEESLEEKITLauriefairycake Fri 06-Feb-09 20:03:28


HopeForTheBestExpectTheWorst Fri 06-Feb-09 20:06:42

Ah this was the wiki how-to of the day the other day, but I just assumed it was a joke and wouldn't really work...ah, more fool me!

Am off to the kitchen to experiment....

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