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red lentils iv ran out will green ones do?

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mothersmilk Thu 05-Feb-09 10:16:22

i want to make bacon and red lentil soup but iv used all my red lentils iv got a bag of green ones will they work? i realise the colour may be off putting but its only for me and dh

RupertTheBear Thu 05-Feb-09 10:17:15

They will be lovely - but won't go to mush like red ones do. They will keep their shape.

mothersmilk Thu 05-Feb-09 10:20:03

is there any thing you could suggest to thicken it up slightly?

RupertTheBear Thu 05-Feb-09 10:52:04


Wisknit Thu 05-Feb-09 11:27:06

I find, if you cook them long enough they do go slightly mushy and are much much nicer than red lentils.

Lionstar Thu 05-Feb-09 11:31:33

Maybe liquidise once cooked? Green lentils are yummy - take a little longer to cook though.

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