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Can I pre-prepare cheese sauce?

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Gobbledigook Fri 08-Apr-05 11:21:16

That's it really - can I make the cheese sauce (to go on my lasagne) now ready for this evening? I'm thinking you can put cling film over it and it will be OK but not sure.

otto Fri 08-Apr-05 11:28:07

You may have to stir it up a bit to get rid of the skin, but it should be fine as long as it's kept in the fridge

SaintGeorge Fri 08-Apr-05 11:28:43

It might get a bit of a skin on it, but a good stir will sort that out.

SaintGeorge Fri 08-Apr-05 11:29:09

Snap otto

chipmonkey Fri 08-Apr-05 11:29:27

Yes, you can, Gobbledigook. If it gets too thick you can add a little more milk to it before pouring over the lasagne. You can freeze it too.

Bearess Fri 08-Apr-05 11:29:35

yes you can make it now, put a circle of baking parchment over it to prevent skin forming.

Gobbledigook Fri 08-Apr-05 11:31:04

Thanks everyone!

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