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Urgent advice needed re: risotto

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newlysinglemummy Wed 04-Feb-09 20:00:15

Hi I am making a risitto it is nearly ready, I have not got any butter so it does not taste nice and creamy like last time I made it. Can anyone think of anything I can add that will make it creamy?

I have got chedder cheese, full fat milk, a little soft cheese like dariylee and a few cheese slices.

Will any of these make it creamy? If not can you recommend anything else?

Thanks smile

mileniwmffalcon Wed 04-Feb-09 20:01:18

i always put cheese in risotto and never butter, although i understand that's how it should be done - would go for the cheddar myself.

MamaG Wed 04-Feb-09 20:01:40


Grammaticus Wed 04-Feb-09 20:02:27

Any of what you have, except the cheese slices will help I tink

naswm Wed 04-Feb-09 20:03:21

grated cheese at the last minute stirred through

I never add butter to mine!

newlysinglemummy Wed 04-Feb-09 20:07:09

great thanks so much will use grated cheese.... u can always rely on mumsnet smile

naswm Wed 04-Feb-09 20:07:35


newlysinglemummy Wed 04-Feb-09 21:25:12

thanks for the quick replys ladies, the risotto was lovely and creamy... Can you freeze risotto or will it be way too mushy to eat? mine is quite mushy already as I added very well cooked brocolie and cauliflower so went quite mushy but I quite like it like that...

naswm Wed 04-Feb-09 21:40:09

I have never frozen risotto tbh....

LadyGlencoraPalliser Wed 04-Feb-09 21:43:43

I've never tried, but no harm in giving it a go and seeing what happens.

lucysmam Wed 04-Feb-09 21:56:00

I freeze portions for my lo & they reheat ok, they're not quite as 'saucy' as when they were first made if that helps.

I add a little water & reheat on the hob which seems better than the microwave smile

DontCallMeBaby Wed 04-Feb-09 22:00:47

Make little balls stuffed with cheese out of it, I can't remember what they're called, something like the Italian for telephone wires. I've wanted to make them for YEARS but never ever have risotto left over (even if I make super-massive quantity, I like risotto way too much).

bloss Wed 04-Feb-09 22:11:15

Message withdrawn

DontCallMeBaby Wed 04-Feb-09 22:12:36

That's the badger. <<loses self in Google images>>

LoveMyLapTop Wed 04-Feb-09 22:14:24

I made a lovley risotto last night using a sainsburys recipe card
Blue cheese and butternut sqaush. Was delish!

newlysinglemummy Wed 04-Feb-09 22:16:32

yum the cheese balls thing sounds nice, can you use chedder?

clutteredup Wed 04-Feb-09 22:24:23

Arancini means little oranges as they are deep fried in breadcrumbs. They are delicious .I can't remember what kind of cheese inside though - I lived on them many years ago in Italy......mmmmmmmmmmm <cluttered disappears of into distant memories of a life past>

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