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Any one know any good restaurants in and around Exeter?

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Maudy Thu 07-Apr-05 21:20:59

DP and I are thinking of going there for the weekend and wanted somewhere nice to eat out. Any style will do.

HelloMama Thu 07-Apr-05 21:38:23

oooh, i'm from exeter although I live in London now. Went back there last weekend for some R&R with my folks!

I would highly recommend my favourite place which is Sun-Dogs (, although restaurant MUCH better than the website!) which is on New Bridge Street at the bottom end of the town centre. It does modern British food, about £10-12 per main course. Atmostphere quite informal, like most of Exeter, but the food seems quite fancy and a la carte when it arrives. Yum yum! You can then walk off the grub as you walk up the hill toward the town centre afterwards!

Or Harry's is very nice (Longbrook Street, complete opposite end of the town centre to Sun-Dogs). Harry's does a sort of mixture of everything from steak, to pasta dishes to fajitas. Cheaper than Sun-Dogs but very good atmostphere. Maybe a bit more family orientated if you're taking kids along, but is also a nice setting for romance if thats what you're after!

Where are you staying? I can recommend bars / clubs or places to visit too if you need the info!

Maudy Thu 07-Apr-05 21:55:21

oooh thanks HelloMama! we are thinking of staying at Hotel Barcelona here

We have stayed in the Cheltenham branch and it was a really nice funky, modern hotel without being too trendy iyswim. They have a nice restaurant attached but if we are staying 2 nights it would be nice to get out in to the city and have a look around. I haven't been to Exeter since I was a kid. Can you tell what is woth seeing and is it worth going to as a weekend desination?

Maudy Thu 07-Apr-05 21:56:12

wow the link worked!

Just wated to add that we are going solo - kids are staying with granny - hurrah!

HelloMama Thu 07-Apr-05 22:11:38

oh you lucky thing, i was going to ask where you were staying! the Hotel Barcelona is supposed to be VERY nice and has won alsorts of awards. We would really like to stay there but i think our folks would be offended if we came to the city and didn't stay with them!

Exeter is quite a good place for a weekend destination because it isn't too big a place to explore and you can get it all done in a few days (but i don't know where you're travelling from). I would go to Gandy Street to look at all the lovely one-off unique shops. Gandy Street is also great at night to go for a few drinks, particularly when it is good weather cos everyone stands outside on the cobbles chatting (Cooling's wine bar especially nice). There's the usual sights of the Cathedral (nice places to go for coffee by the Cathedral Green), the Quay is ok - you can hire a rowing boat and go for a row which is fun... if you fancy a long walk you can go along the canal to the Double Locks pub which is great... CAT me if you want to know more but i think they may be the highlights! I would also take the time to enjoy the Hotel Barcelona iyswim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maudy Fri 08-Apr-05 22:21:24

Thanks HM. I thought Exeter would be good as not to far from home, which is in Bristol, and near both the sea and beautiful countryside. I think I'll book it.

Pub looks great by the way. I'll let you know if we check it out.

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