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Weetabix, Ready Brek etc

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SBailey Thu 07-Apr-05 18:01:57

My DS is 9 months old and I've just started giving him bread, toast, cheese, eggy bread and I'm wondering what else to try.

Can he now have Weetabix and Ready Brek for breakfast? If so do I have to use formula milk to mix with them?

What's the foods I'm meant to be avoiding?

Was planning on trying him with pasta but do I just give him pasta or do I put a tomata sauce on it or cheese?

Please give me some ideas everyone I talk to is surprised I'm giving him the foods above which is hardly anything.

Fran1 Thu 07-Apr-05 18:05:15

At 9mths, i gave dd whatever we ate! I don' add salt to food anyway so that wasn't a prob.

Yes you can put cows milk on cereals and in cooking. Weetabix is fine, but i'd use porridge instead of ready brek.

Yes make sauces for pasta, and give him everything else you eat! Gets much easier when you only have to prepare one meal.

vict17 Thu 07-Apr-05 18:06:51

I gave ds weetabix and banana at 6 months. You can give wheat, meat etc after 6 months old
see here for more info

SBailey Thu 07-Apr-05 18:10:28

So I can just chop food up, I don't have to puree it for him?

Fran1 Thu 07-Apr-05 21:54:19

Oh yes, get him used to lumps. Do it gradually, at first you may want to slightly blend it and gradually make it lumpier if hes happy then yes start chopping food, or leaving it whole as finger food depending what it is.

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