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ok, so I love beans, tomato and chilli, anyone got a recipe for soup....

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biskybat Mon 02-Feb-09 13:57:37

made predominantly by these ingredients. I guess a kind of tuscan tomato bean soup is what I'm looking for, TIA smile

MissisBoot Mon 02-Feb-09 14:00:35

fry off some onions and garlic, then add tomatoes and beans - add stock and season to taste. Put some italian herbs in too!


Amapoleon Mon 02-Feb-09 14:07:10

I do a stew type dish.

Fry onion and garlic and sliced chorizo. Add 1 tin of toms, I jar of beans [can add a few jars of different beans] Add 1 jar of mixed veg [or add fresh at frying stage] add 1 jar of lentils. add 175mls of water to 2 chicken stock cubes and add to mixture, cook on a low heat until reduced down. I also add parsley, pepper and chilli to mine.

This is my quick meal, I'm sure it would be better with fresh stuff.

OrmIrian Mon 02-Feb-09 14:08:51

What amapoleon said. But it's great in a slow cooker.

biskybat Mon 02-Feb-09 15:22:18

Thanks guys, not sure if I have chorizo but can always send the DH out for it grin

Will try it out tomorrow then I can put it on to simmer for a few hours in the morning.

Amapoleon Mon 02-Feb-09 16:18:12

You can also do it with chicken.

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