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Does anyone know how to make Patatas Bravas (sp)?

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Newbarnsleygirl Thu 07-Apr-05 13:35:04

I would really like to make them this weekend.

I know it's just potatoes in a tomato sauce but how do I cook the potatoes and how what does the sauce consist of?

Thank you.

iota Thu 07-Apr-05 13:38:53

waitrose recipe here

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 07-Apr-05 13:41:18

Excellent, Thank you very very much

iota Thu 07-Apr-05 13:43:07

and another one

lou33 Thu 07-Apr-05 13:51:09

ooh fancy a visitor?

NomDePlume Thu 07-Apr-05 13:53:49

I'm sure there was a recipe in a recent copy of good food mag.

bundle Thu 07-Apr-05 13:55:34

the waitrose website has lots of other lovely recipes too

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 07-Apr-05 14:02:59

It's DH's birthday on Saturday and BIL and SIL are coming so I thought I'd do some Tapas.

Any suggestions are welcome but I haven't got much in as I haven't planned for it properly.

So far all I'm doing is Honey and lemon grilled chicken and patatas bravas.

lou33 Thu 07-Apr-05 14:06:26

spanish omelette , slightly runny in the middle, my fave.

p.s can i have your address please? Am doing nothing over the weekend

alux Thu 07-Apr-05 14:06:49

go to and search for patatas bravas. Also found a recipe there for provencal potatoes that is lush.

iota Thu 07-Apr-05 14:07:49

more recipeshere

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 07-Apr-05 14:09:11

Do you really want to travel to Barnsley?!!!

If I make spanish ommlette that means I'll have to buy Chorizo Sausages and they'll be eaten before they get in the blummin ommlette!

iota Thu 07-Apr-05 14:09:53

and here

lou33 Thu 07-Apr-05 14:10:18

no no , it only has potatoes in it.

And i will travel anywhere for good tapas

iota Thu 07-Apr-05 14:12:07

may favourite is albodingas but can't find a recipe and am not going to type one out from my tapas cookbook

whymummy Thu 07-Apr-05 14:16:30

chorizo cooked in cider.
scrambled eggs with prawns,asparragus and spring onions.
serrano ham with melon.
stuffed mushrooms with serrano ham.
garlic prawns.
warm bread with tomato and anchovies.
broad beans with ham and garlic.

Chandra Thu 07-Apr-05 14:17:24

Whymummy! I knew I will find you here!!!

whymummy Thu 07-Apr-05 14:19:10

lol chandra
all this talking about tapas has made me hungry,i'm off to make me half a baguette filled with chorizo

Chandra Thu 07-Apr-05 14:19:15

PS. I don't know how to cook them BTW.

Chandra Thu 07-Apr-05 14:21:06

I have just stuffed myself with doritos and guacamole, lovely fattening, yummy.

I'm off to look for a diet thread know

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 07-Apr-05 14:27:38

Iota there is a recipe for Albondigas on that last link you gave me and this is my next question.

Could I do Beef and lamb instead of pork or would that not be a good idea?

dropinthe Thu 07-Apr-05 14:30:47

Gosh,Tapas is my favourite food! Whymmummy-I have written your suggestions down and am planning a party right now!!

alux Thu 07-Apr-05 14:31:21

sainsbury's deli sells quality chorizo and manchego cheese. Serve with slices of french bread.

whymummy Thu 07-Apr-05 14:32:32

drop i'm planning one at the end of july when the children go to stay with the in-laws,lots of tapas,wine,san miguel,sangria.... you coming?

dropinthe Thu 07-Apr-05 14:34:24

YES PLEASE!! Where are you-bloody Berkshire or somewhere in the sticks probably???

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