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Good gluten- and nut-free choc cake/brownie recipe?

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phdlife Sat 31-Jan-09 10:37:36

My nephew and niece are coeliacs AND my niece is off-the-scale anaphylactic to nuts - but I'd still like to make something choccy for big family bbq we're having soon. Any clues?

ChippyMinton Sat 31-Jan-09 18:54:42

ooh yes, I did exact same thing for my godson's christening last week.
it's this Jamie Oliver's party cake adapted as follows:

use doves farm gluten-free flour
leave out the almonds obviously
add an extra egg and 2tsp of baking powder (tesco is gluten-free)

ChippyMinton Sun 01-Feb-09 10:01:13

previous thread here with links

phdlife Sun 01-Feb-09 12:08:29

thanks chippy

my sister will be even happier if she knows it was a jamie recipe grin

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