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How long will a bit of beaten egg keep in the fridge?

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solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Fri 30-Jan-09 22:12:07

Need a small amount of beaten egg for a recipe ie about half an egg. Will the rest keep in the fridge for 24 hours or will I give myself collywobbles?

pippylongstockings Fri 30-Jan-09 22:21:44

what are you figuring on doing with the other half of an egg??????

Can you not bear it to go in the bin.....?

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Fri 30-Jan-09 22:24:05

Making some eggy bread to eat with the leftover mushrooms for a late solo breakfast on Sunday morning. While I may be more domestic poltergiest than domestic goddess, I try not to waste food...

harpomarx Fri 30-Jan-09 22:27:45

you are meal planning your Sunday breakfast???

fryalot Fri 30-Jan-09 22:30:47


it will be fine.

just give it a sniff before you use it, as egg gets REALLY smelly when it's gone off. If it doesn't smell or it smells quite nice, it's fine.

It should be fine for more than 24 hours though so don't worry.

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