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What are the best pans to get?

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havingaparty Fri 30-Jan-09 15:12:10

I really need some new pans and tbh I don't know which ones to get or to where to get them from.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Fri 30-Jan-09 15:52:53

I got some Marco Pierre White anodized ones from Amazon recently. I really like them. Reduced from £200 to £80.

mothersmilk Fri 30-Jan-09 15:57:43

it all depends on how much you want to spend
i perssonaly love le crusset and the circulon cast iron non stick range got mine from debanhams and i always get them in the sale if you replace them all at once though you end up spending a feww hundred all in one go do it gradually buying one really good one in the sale and just gradually adding to your collection

ELR Fri 30-Jan-09 16:47:39

try tkmax for circulon 50% off

StirlingTheStrong Fri 30-Jan-09 18:50:13

A few months ago I bought the large frying pan in the Jamie Oliver range and would def recommend. It is very heavy and solid, Cost about £40.

Would like more from the range smile

SlubberdegullionMaNaMaNa Fri 30-Jan-09 18:56:32

I got all my pans from John Lewis, their stainless steel selection (no idea what it is called now). They all still look like they did the day I bought them, well, um no that is a lie, they don't look like they've just come out of the box, but they are unmarked/scratched etc, and I didn't get them either, I was given them all as wedding presents in 2001......

<continues stream of concioucsness>



The John Lewis stainless steel range. Very good they are.

SlubberdegullionMaNaMaNa Fri 30-Jan-09 18:57:33

that btw is not how you spell conciousness

nor is that probably

huzzah for gin

duckyfuzz Fri 30-Jan-09 19:07:45

I got these jsut before christmas and they're fab

SpookyMadMummy Fri 30-Jan-09 19:59:48

I have a set of Viners ones, had them about 3 years now and they are fab.

indignatio Fri 30-Jan-09 20:02:12

le creuset (20 years on - still going strong)

bloss Fri 30-Jan-09 20:08:08

Message withdrawn

thequietone Fri 30-Jan-09 20:09:19

we got the john lewis Jonelle own brand set for our wedding in 2002. They are amazing. They withstand every scorch and burnt on food, you know their temperaments and they are just fab. Just one small point is that the lid handles get hot so use gloves.

We then top up with a Le Creuset griddle pan- the steaks cook divinely on it. Mmmmmmm

herbietea Fri 30-Jan-09 20:11:06

Message withdrawn

StirlingTheStrong Fri 30-Jan-09 20:48:01

Bloss - I didn't get a lad with mine. Is he any good??

bloss Sat 31-Jan-09 07:17:27

Message withdrawn

serin Sat 31-Jan-09 19:51:26

I hate anything teflon coated.

If anything is going to impart itself into my food I would much rather it was a bit of iron.

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