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I have to'll never guess what I ate.....

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emmatmg Wed 06-Apr-05 18:34:20

I went shopping for the ingredients to make carrot soup earlier.

Double cream
etc etc etc

All the ingredients are still in the fridge except for the cream beacuse I ate/drank it!!!

A 142ml pot and 100ml had 48g of fat

Needless to say I will not be eating dinner tonight

Please confess any sins here....please.....pretty please......

BubblesDeVere Wed 06-Apr-05 18:35:05

LOL, i had half an easter egg earlier whilst in the bath.

vict17 Wed 06-Apr-05 18:35:31

I regularly eat half a jar of chocolate spread with a spoon!! Dh won't buy it any more!!

SPARKLER1 Wed 06-Apr-05 18:35:47

You drank it all??? I think I would have been sick - it's so rich. Mind you dh told me once that his dm used to love to eat clotted cream sandwiches. Yuk! << puke emoticon >>

katierocket Wed 06-Apr-05 18:35:58

on it's own??!!

SPARKLER1 Wed 06-Apr-05 18:37:52

Anyway, I can't talk - just scoffed half a cherry cake and 10 ginger nut biscuits with my cup of coffee - and I haven't had tea yet!!!!!! Oh it's so great being a grown up isn't it??

emmatmg Wed 06-Apr-05 18:38:17

Yep....on it's own with a BIG spoon!

maths isn't my thing but it's got to be about 60g of fat!


MY GOD........I think I should aviod all food for about 3 weeks

cod Wed 06-Apr-05 18:38:39

Message withdrawn

emmatmg Wed 06-Apr-05 18:40:22

Oh Cod....I've been so bad haven't I????

Funny thing is I was meant to go to my first weight watcher thing this morning.....they'll be hunting me down soon

cod Wed 06-Apr-05 18:41:11

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 06-Apr-05 18:41:11

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 06-Apr-05 18:41:21

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 06-Apr-05 18:41:38

Message withdrawn

vict17 Wed 06-Apr-05 18:41:58

hey, don't worry too much. Just remember tomorrow is another day

Dahlia Wed 06-Apr-05 18:42:29

Its easily done.... I must admit to eating a whole tub of haagen dazs in about 4 minutes. Never a whole tub of cream though. Impressive!

marthamoo Wed 06-Apr-05 18:44:08

Now I'm a pig but even I can't eat cream by the tubful and on its own. Respect!

(I've just eaten three pain au chocolat that were for breakfast...)

emmatmg Wed 06-Apr-05 18:46:06

I did hear you the first time I do feel like a huge fat bloater, you are absolutely right there!

Gross really isn't it? Just had to confess as the DS's just don't get the badness of my deed

I had a thing when I was PG with DS3 for dairy milk choc and extra thick double cream, I desparately wanted spoon the cream with the choc......eating it all together...mmmmmm. I somehow manage to resist the urge and to this day I still don't know how, probably the fear of keeling over or something

emmatmg Wed 06-Apr-05 18:50:47

Aha, cod my feet are no longer skanky.

I went and had a pedicure thighy the other week and the poor woman shaved about half a ton of manky skin off.

Having another one this weekend as summer appoaches I don't want to scare the children.

bundle Wed 06-Apr-05 18:50:49

emma, that's revolting....was it "down in one"?

emmatmg Wed 06-Apr-05 18:53:41

LOL, no, with a spoon.

First just a few spoonfuls then thought "I'd better out this away or I eat it all"

The rest went about 1 hour later.

I need will power and a lock on the fridge door!

bundle Wed 06-Apr-05 18:54:56

emma, just stick a photo of Vanessa Feltz on your fridge.

emmatmg Wed 06-Apr-05 18:56:07

bundle Wed 06-Apr-05 18:56:25

you're looking slimmer already..

TheThreadFromTheAfterlife Wed 06-Apr-05 19:07:43

OMG!! How could you??

Next time, put it in a saucepan with a bar of chocolate, melt together and then pour into dishes. Let it set (or not) and scoff the lot.

Tessiebear Wed 06-Apr-05 19:10:15

LOL!!! - that is so funny!!!! Never done that i must admit - but when i was pg with DS2 i went through a phase of eating a whole M&S Coffee cake in one sitting - regularly

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