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I have leftover roast chicken bits and want to make some sort of rice dish - any ideas?

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IlanaK Thu 29-Jan-09 20:29:55

I was thinking sort of egg fried rice type thing though not quite. I also have frozen peas and sweetcorn. I don't want to buy any extra ingredients if I can help it as trying to use thing we have. Any ideas?


MinistryofStrewth Thu 29-Jan-09 21:16:31


IlanaK Thu 29-Jan-09 21:18:20

No, I just can't do risotto. Anyone know a good fried rice recipe?

MissisBoot Thu 29-Jan-09 21:19:33

have you got chinese 5 spice in your cupboard or soy sauce?

IlanaK Thu 29-Jan-09 21:20:37

Yes, I have both.

girlandboy Thu 29-Jan-09 21:23:35

Savoury rice!

recipe here

Just add the re-fried chicken bits.

cyanarasamba Thu 29-Jan-09 21:27:17

Heat a couple of tbsps of sesame oil, Fry veg and chicken with garlic, 5-spice, chilli & soy sauce. Add rice & a little more oil if necessary.

Make a thin omelette & use slices of this to top each serving.

For veg I would use any of finely chopped carrot, onion, peas, sweetcorn, pepper, beansprouts.

IlanaK Thu 29-Jan-09 21:28:13

Excellent - thank you! That's tomorow's dinner sorted out.

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