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Sponge cake help needed

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Monkeysmom Wed 06-Apr-05 16:06:51

I would like to try Delia's sponge cake for my ds 1st Birthday.I have never baked before and I have a question.
She gives quantities and cooking time for 2 x 8" cakes to be sandwiched together. I would like to make a bigger cake, maybe 10". How do I increase the quantities and does the cooking time needs to increase as well ?

clary Wed 06-Apr-05 16:38:29

Monkeysmom did you post on another thread? (was that you?)
Have you really got 10" pans as that is quite large??
What are the Delia quantities? My experience is that you need a lot more than you think eg my mum uses 6-7" pans and 2 eggs, I need at least 4 eggs for my 8" pans.
Cookign time probably the same.

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