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Help, my sons a sausage!

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Louise1980 Wed 06-Apr-05 14:42:36

I have two ds one is 4 and the other is 2 and half.

Meal times are rediculous in our house. I can cook a healthy meal with loads of fresh veg and such likes only for it to be left by my 4yr old. The 2yr old will try anything if he leaves a meal I dont worry as I no its just an off day.

The 4yr old constantly asks for sausages. He will eat them morning, noon and night if I let him. Ive tried to get him to eat other things and he will now eat mashed potato as long as he gets sausages! He does also eat chicken nuggets and other "bad" foods. Things Jamie Oliver would have a fit at!

Ive tried bribary, not giving anything but what I cook but he will go hungry. He can go 2 maybe 3 days without a meal just toast for breakfast.

He does eat yoghurts, cheese and things like that but Im finding him really hard to feed

Am I worrying over nothing? Does anyone hve any suggestions so that I cook one meal for the 3 of us rather that 2meals?

sacha3taylor Wed 06-Apr-05 14:44:57

Sausage Casserole?

sacha3taylor Wed 06-Apr-05 14:46:03

Sausage rissotto - rice, tomotoes, onions, mushrooms

Louise1980 Wed 06-Apr-05 14:46:33

Ive tried but he picks the sausage out!

Merlin Wed 06-Apr-05 14:48:36

Louise - my DS age 4 is a bit like this and I've learnt to try not to worry too much - easier said than done I know! He only likes certain things - sausages being one so I always make sure i buy the very highest meat content I can find. He will eat a bit of carrot, peas and broccoli but loves it one day and refuses it the next. Very ocasionally will eat an apple, used to love grapes and bananas, yoghurts but now wont touch them! I give him a multivitamin every day and he has bags of energy so am not too worried! I do try and limit the crisps and biscuits though and offer apple or he does enjoy a plate of cheese and ham!!! The most frustrating thing is that he usually refuses point blank to try anything new! Have also just got him back into having milk to drink before he goes to bed so at least I feel he is getting some goodness - it is tough I know, but I just live in hope that eventually he will grow out of it.

crunchie Wed 06-Apr-05 15:22:18

Any chance you could cook with him? I know it sounds odd, but once he can cook sausages he might get bored and want to do other stuff. Or he might enjoy helping you make something for everyine that he will try it.

My kids love making

Roast Chicken - rubbing with oil and choosing flavours such as garlic, herbs, lemon etc. They also do roast chicken drumsticks as they like wrapping it in kitchen roll and eating off the bone.

Chicken nuggets - chicken dipped in egg and crushed cornflakes - kids like making a mess! but they are healthy when baked rather than fried.

Potato wegdes - throw cut up potatoes into a small bag with a bit of oil and seasoning, they love squiching it about and shaking them out to cook.

Pancakes - mixing batter and tossing them - sliced ham is a good filling for us, or lomon and sugar or jam

I am going to try fishcakes, as we have some haddock that needs using up, so I'll getthem to do mash and mix in the fish and make their own, dipped in egg I guess and crips or cornflake crumb I think.

Does he like pasta? or Rice?

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