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Ideas for meals I can freeze so when DD3 arrives we aren't eating Pot Noodles!

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pgwithnumber3 Thu 29-Jan-09 11:56:26

I usually make Beef Stew, Cottage Pie etc which freeze really well but has anyone any great recipes (which don't involve Michelin Star status cooking) that I can make over the next few days and that will freeze well.

Will eat most things just not a fan of Lamb.


whitenoise Thu 29-Jan-09 11:58:13

spag bol (well not the pasta!)

in fact most things freeze ok...i have frozen roast dinners before now !!(in separate containers)

Tillyscoutsmum Thu 29-Jan-09 12:01:41

Fish pie
Pasta sauces
Most stew/casserole things - sausage & bean, chicken & chorizo, coq au vin type things

mishymoo Thu 29-Jan-09 12:02:06


I would be tempted to make up a huge amount of mince bolognaise and freeze it in separate containers. You can defrost what you need and either add pasta, mashed potatoes or rice.

muppetgirl Thu 29-Jan-09 12:04:40

Cauliflower cheese
Shepherd's pie
Fish pie
Pizza (you have made)
Spag bol

Jacket pots are great meals that don;t need you to slave over them and you can add spag bol, baked beans and cheese

pgwithnumber3 Thu 29-Jan-09 12:05:31

Thanks everyone, my pg brain has obliterated all knowledge of food I can make. grin

Agree re bolognaise sauce, it can be used for quite a few different meals.

I am going to go out shopping and buy twice as much as I need and batch cook over the weekend.

muppetgirl Thu 29-Jan-09 12:07:15

I buy the take away foil packets and then write on the top what is inside/when I made it ect.

Apple crumbles are good, bread and butter puds etc

psychomum5 Thu 29-Jan-09 12:09:17

meals I bulk-freeze if I have planned hopsital admittences.......

shepherds/cottage pie
curry and rice, but in separate containers
tub of chilli/rice (again in separate containers)
tub of bolognaise sauce (and then do the pasta on the day)
stew/any casserole in fact
soups freeze well too

pgwithnumber3 Thu 29-Jan-09 12:29:24

muppet, where do you buy the takeaway packets from?

pyscho - they are probably all the recipes I will make. Now I just have to make them. wink

muppetgirl Thu 29-Jan-09 13:09:53

you can get them from sainsbury's or cheap shops like instore...

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