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In my cupboard i have

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BubblesDeVere Wed 06-Apr-05 14:28:53

tinned tomates, and sweetcorn, can anyone recommend some tomato sauces not very spicy that i can try on dd1 and dd2

PrettyCandles Wed 06-Apr-05 15:05:34

Chop an onion, fry with loads of basil and/or mixed herbs and a generous grinding of black pepper. Add diced carrots, frozen peas, or any other veg you can think of, when nearly cooked add tin of toms, mix well and serve. You can also add tinned tuna (drained of course), or tinned beans or tinned lentils.

That the sort of thing you are looking for?

BubblesDeVere Wed 06-Apr-05 18:21:18

That sounds lovely, thanks.

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