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How do i make beefburgers

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BubblesDeVere Wed 06-Apr-05 14:27:19

Has anyone got a fairly easy beefburger recipe, i am really getting into making foods myself but struggling with this one, i have two dd's who aren't that keen on spicy foods or foods with lots of onion so i need it basic.

soapbox Wed 06-Apr-05 14:32:06

I chop up 2 shallots very finely (they have more flavour than onions so you need very little of them) and one clove of garlic. Put in bowl with a pound of lean mince and one egg. Mix together. Make into patty shapes then dip in seasoned flour. Put in fridge for an hour to set.

Then grill under hot grill on a baking sheet. My mother brushes them with oil first but I don't bother as I think there is enough fat in the mince.

This makes quite a crumbly and meaty burger, if you think the children want something more like a shop bought burger then I would process in a food processor so that the mix becomes finer.

These are fabulous made with lamb mince with lots of rosemary added.

nailpolish Wed 06-Apr-05 14:33:53

not very good at this myself, but i make meatballs like this

beaten egg
dried herbs
tomato sauce

and sometimes hidden things like frozen spinach cubes, carrots etc

just mix it all up in a big bowl and make into balls and grill

if too wet sometimes i add breadcrumbs

dead easy and you can add other stuff and you like

and really nice with rice and a tomato salsa

anchovies Wed 06-Apr-05 14:34:52

I am so lazy I just squeeze lean minced steak into fat beefburger shapes and fry them with no extra oil. Just don't press on them, turn them when they are brown on one side. Agree lamb and rosemary burgers are delish!

tarantula Wed 06-Apr-05 14:43:19

I eihter jsut do mince on its own if feeling lazy or do mince, breadcumbs, egg, onion and cooked veggies shove in mixer and whizz then fry using a pan with a coating of oil (not always necessary).

Make tom sauce with tin of toms olive oil lemon juice pinch of sugar dash balsamic, dash of soy sauce, dash of worcester and tabasco (or chilli sauce or fresh chilli add to taste) or which ever of these is in the cupboard. Put in saucepan over with splash screen and leave to boil. Fry an onion in olive oil first if not feeling lazy. Whizz if you prefer it smooth.

GeorginaA Wed 06-Apr-05 18:24:04

How to make beefburgers:

1) find your local butcher
2) ask for their beefburgers made on the premises with no added crap or junk
3) pay up
4) stick under grill.

Ta da

BubblesDeVere Wed 06-Apr-05 18:25:52

Georgina, now why didn't i think of that duh! LOL

Sarcasm is the lowest for of wit you know

Twiglett Wed 06-Apr-05 18:28:08

Any kind of mincemeat

whizz up an onion, bread (for breadcrumbs)

mix together, add a tsp or so of mustard, garlic, season to taste

get a beefburger maker from Lakeland (its great)

and just grill 'em

GeorginaA Wed 06-Apr-05 18:33:32


Have to say I was dead chuffed when I saw they sold beefburgers (and they do pork and apple burgers too which sound nice) - a nice half way house between making everything from scratch but not having too much junk in the freezer...

RTMTMML Wed 06-Apr-05 18:35:54

To make a more adult burger we chop up some mushrooms and add a little chili to the mix. Yummy!

GeorginaA Wed 06-Apr-05 18:36:58

Although I have to say now I know that Lakeland do a beefburger maker... and Lakeland is right next to the butcher I use...

... I'm doomed

Hulababy Wed 06-Apr-05 18:39:18

Jamie Oliver has a lovely recipe for Botham burgers.

DD isn't keen on onion and spices though so I make very simple burgers for her - I scrunch up a handful of mince and some herbs in my hand. Depending on the mince and how well it sticks together I amy add some whisked egg into it too. I then shape them into flattened balls, and bake in the oveen for about 15-20 minutes. Cpould also grill or shallow fry them too.

For DH I just add onions and some apices for a kick.

oooggs Wed 06-Apr-05 18:41:09

for a change try turkey & cranberry burgers a weight watchers recipe and fat free. DS loves them

4 spring onions
1lb turkey mince
1 egg
50g wholemeal breadcrumbs
jar of cranberry sauce

mix together and divide I normally make 8

RTMTMML Wed 06-Apr-05 18:42:42

like the sound of the cranberry burger

bundle Wed 06-Apr-05 18:43:08

i just use minced beef with diced mushrooms and a splash of worcestershire sauce.

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