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Would you eat this?

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countingto10 Mon 26-Jan-09 11:21:38

I have a M&S Gastropub Mousaka (sp) which has a use by date of yesterday. I forgot to freeze it. Anyway DH is working late tonight and it would save me cooking if I cook eat it and not get food poisoning grin

So would you eat it ?

MrsBadger Mon 26-Jan-09 11:22:03


NoBiggy Mon 26-Jan-09 11:22:46

If it doen't smell funny, and the packet hasn't puffed up, I very probably would.

bamboo Mon 26-Jan-09 11:23:03


JumpingDizzy Mon 26-Jan-09 11:23:09

yes definitely and I'm paranoid about such things...just ask my totally un-paranoid dp grin

posieflump Mon 26-Jan-09 11:23:11


annaje Mon 26-Jan-09 11:36:24

yep - the date is a guideline - one day shouldn't hurt!

pavlovthecat Mon 26-Jan-09 11:37:35

Yes, of course, sell by date is not 'go off by' date. It gets cooked, so no problem.

thisisyesterday Mon 26-Jan-09 11:40:19

yes, i would. it's only a few hours over! and you're going to cook it so it'll be fine

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