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Silly question about fresh meat

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GeorginaA Tue 05-Apr-05 12:37:26

My very first trip to a proper butcher this week (yes I know, it's shocking) - and it's occurred to me it'd be easier to keep in the fridge rather than automatically dumping everything in the freezer to be brought out as and when I need it.

Is it okay to keep all fresh meat in the fridge for the week, or should I be freezing what I'm going to need towards the end of the week? How long can you keep meat in the fridge for safely?

iota Tue 05-Apr-05 12:44:07

I thought that you should only keep fresh meat for a couple of days in the fridge - and things like mince should be used by 24 hours.
Why not check with the butcher

GeorginaA Tue 05-Apr-05 12:57:40

Mainly because I forgot while I was in there

dropinthe Tue 05-Apr-05 12:59:40

I only keep fresh meat in the fridge for max of two ,at a push three days-then would freeze.

GeorginaA Tue 05-Apr-05 13:00:38

Ah okay, back to automatically chucking everything in the freezer then

nailpolish Tue 05-Apr-05 13:01:09

can i ask a question too please? i took some chicken out of the freezer on saturday, will it still be ok to cook and eat?

nailpolish Tue 05-Apr-05 15:41:51

bump for me

Mum2girls Tue 05-Apr-05 15:44:24

Nailpolish, unless it smelled, I would eat it.

nailpolish Tue 05-Apr-05 15:46:05

great, cheers, i really dont want to waste it. will stick it in oven now, its for dd and dh's sandwiches tomorrow

sweetkitty Tue 05-Apr-05 22:37:44

Even fresh meat from a butcher should have a use by date printed on the label.

Thorough cooking will destroy anything nasty but if it has gone off it will taste rancid. Personally I would defrost and use within 48 hours if kept in the fridge.

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