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HELP - meals with no oven?

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mysterymoniker Sun 25-Jan-09 12:27:18

not having any luck tracking down an element for my oven and I'm really starting to miss it

what sort of things can I make that can be cooked entirely on the hob, in the microwave or in a slow cooker? I make bread every day in the breadmaker and that seems to make our dull vegetable soups a bit more filling. other than that and pasta I'm drawing a bit of a blank and craving pizza so severely!

we don't really eat meat, well 2 of the children are quite keen on it but we haven't got any anyway grin

please share your amazing ideas - thanks!

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missingtheaction Sun 25-Jan-09 12:30:35

stir fry
curried veg + rice
couscous with lots of nice tasty veg chopped up and stirred in
casseroles in slow cooker

there's lOADS you can do!

pavlovthecat Sun 25-Jan-09 12:32:22

spaghetti bolognaise

PlumBumMum Sun 25-Jan-09 12:33:47

All of the above
But never mind food did you get sky sorted to watch lost!! grin

Happy bday for tomorrow

mysterymoniker Sun 25-Jan-09 12:40:46

ahhhhh thank you!

no but I have begged everyone I know with sky+ to save it for me grin

there's definitely enough ideas here for a whole week already, cheers!

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PlumBumMum Sun 25-Jan-09 12:42:07

someone on the lost season 5 thread was able to download for free
worth checking it outwink

mysterymoniker Sun 25-Jan-09 12:45:36

my computer freaked out and wouldn't let me - I had to reboot it, probably worth another try though

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PlumBumMum Sun 25-Jan-09 12:51:40

Watching Season 5 without downloading dodgy things thread
I bumped it up for you so hope you see it

mysterymoniker Sun 25-Jan-09 12:58:17

that's really kind of you, thank you - checking it out now

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plantsitter Sun 25-Jan-09 13:25:13

Could you try one of these?

Have never tried one but it might be worth seeing if it works (wonder if there are cheaper ones though?)

mysterymoniker Sun 25-Jan-09 13:26:49

that looks cool doesn't it? there is a grill in the microwave too, maybe I won't need to fix the oven at all and will save a fortune in electricity bills!

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msdemented Sat 31-Jan-09 17:56:35



Fish cakes?



Get a griddle and you can do lovely grilled meats with flavoured butters.

Fivesons7 Sun 20-Jan-19 14:51:51

No oven, 5 boys, please help with food/recipe ideas.

Fivesons7 Sun 20-Jan-19 14:53:24

Hello. Our ovens packed up and not sure when the landlady will fix it. Please could you help with food ideas for my family of 7. Thankyou in advance 😊

Fivesons7 Sun 20-Jan-19 14:55:09

Sorry first time posting and just realised I didn’t start a new thread

Ricekrispie22 Sun 20-Jan-19 16:49:03

Chilli con carne
Spaghetti bolognese
Spanish chicken stew
Boston beans on toast
Chicken Biryani
Lamb pilaf

bibindum Sun 20-Jan-19 17:12:16

My oven packed up before Christmas and I couldn't afford to replace. I only had a single induction hob and slow cooker, cooking for 6 it's tricky. Currently saving to redo all the kitchen so I bought a halogen oven for around £25, honestly I'm surprised how good it is and easy to clean. It has given me more dinner options, even cooked the turkey in it, which turned out moist and less cooking time.

Fivesons7 Sun 20-Jan-19 17:18:36

Brilliant! Thankyou 😊

kateandme Sun 20-Jan-19 20:17:21

kateandme Sun 20-Jan-19 20:19:56

kateandme Sun 20-Jan-19 20:36:13

the first vid is for if your still craving store bought pizzas.there is a way with no oven!
the second is one pot everything in pasta.genious. did this completely on hob.
salmon and prawn tagleitelle
stiry frys.
hot pot
most meals now if you google done by skillet or hob can give you the way to do it

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