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Yummy chicken recipe

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LGJ Mon 04-Apr-05 19:05:42

Chicken with Gruyere and smoked garlic

Serves 4


4 Chicken Breasts
8oz grated Gruyere
3-4 cloves of smoked garlic (or ordinary if no smoked)
Pinch of cayenne pepper
1oz butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt pepper
½ pt double cream
2 tbsp brandy


Butterfly the chicken (or cut a pouch), season with pepper and a little salt and fill with a few slices of garlic and some of the grated cheese and re-fold.

Heat the butter and oil in a frying pan and add the chicken. Cook chicken until done, turning once (10-12 minutes). Remove chicken onto warm plate and keep warm while making sauce.

Deglaze the pan with the brandy; add the cream and the rest of the grated cheese. Add cayenne pepper and season. Bring sauce to the boil and simmer for a few minutes, stirring regularly and serve over chicken.

milliways Mon 04-Apr-05 19:09:48

Yum - Thanks for that

LGJ Mon 04-Apr-05 19:12:52

My cousin, his wife and three kids came at the weekend and DH cooked this. His wife was absolutely astounded that her two fussy 9 year old DT's came back for more sauce to eat with their vegtables .

FluffyMummy123 Fri 18-Jul-08 12:44:48

Message withdrawn

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