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Dairy free cheese

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PamT Fri 28-Mar-03 13:23:07

I've been on a quest to find a decent dairy free cheese but it isn't easy. I don't like scheese or cheezly but I use Toffuti slices on lasagne and pizzas and the creamy smooth in sandwiches or on jacket potatoes. I've also tried Veggie Kaas which is a block version very similar to tofutti slices but not as convenient.

I've recently heard of another one - Biddy Merkins Vegerella but I would have to buy in bulk. Does anyone know what it tastes like? Is it similar to any of the others? I'd like to hear from anyone else who has tried it before I waste more money on something that I don't like.

Maudy Fri 28-Mar-03 13:49:58

Biddy Merkins Vegerella!!!! Sorry, I haven't tried it I just had write out such a riduculous name!! YOu'd think if you were going to market a cheese you might call it something a bit less bizzare.

Sorry Biddy Merkins, whoever you are!

PamT Sat 29-Mar-03 08:35:41

Vegerella sounds like some sexually transmitted disease really doesn't it?

modaddy Sun 30-Mar-03 19:10:45

have you tried the new 'cream cheese' in the free from range at sainsburys..its like the tofuti spread son says he prefers it! have tried lots of the slices/ lumps but all taste yuk! toffuti was the best of the lot for cheesa on toast etc.........have you tried silken tofu in lasagne instead/ not bad sauce substitute.

PamT Sun 30-Mar-03 19:18:36

No I haven't tried Sainsbury's own cream cheese, I didn't know they did one. I'll have to try that one.

I've never tried tofu in any shape or form either. I normally make a white sauce using soya milk for lasagne and just lay some tofutti slices on top, they melt nicely into the sauce as it cooks.

NQWWW Mon 31-Mar-03 12:44:07

There are a number of dairy free alternatives to grated parmesan available at health food shops - sorry can't remember the names but they are made from soya / rice milk.

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