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Help with new food processor - URGENT!!!!!!!!!!

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Blossomhill Sun 03-Apr-05 19:37:32

Just bought a new food processor. Am just in the process of making Jamie Oliver's very veggie sauce (vegtables simmering). Grated courgettes and carrots and it stopped working. Now the processor won't spin.
Tried re-setting it all up. HELP

Blossomhill Sun 03-Apr-05 19:46:00


LIZS Sun 03-Apr-05 19:48:55

Have you got the lid on securely - you need to ensure that the contact is properly made by turning it around fully into the slot and that nothing (such as a bit of food debris)is obstructing it.

charellie Sun 03-Apr-05 19:48:59

Not very good at technical stuff but will give it a go.

Have you checked your tripp switches or tried another plug socket. The only other thing I can think of is to change the plug

Blossomhill Sun 03-Apr-05 20:35:05

Thanks. It's working but won't spin!!!

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