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How much is it to have a cake made?

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Newbarnsleygirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:34:52

It's dh's birthday next saturday and I have seen a cake in a cake decorating book that I would love to make for him but it would be quite fiddly and I'm not experienced in baking.


Does anyone know how much it would be roughly to have it made.
It's a 11" fruit cake cut, shaped and made up to look like a ski slope.

Am I better making it myself or paying for one?

Yorkiegirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:42:11

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:43:25

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:48:22

Ooooh really?

I don't have your number YG.

It's basically a fruit cake to bake in a 11" square tin. It's cut diagonally and the two pieces are put together wit the top cut off and added to the bottom to create a flat top with a slope that goes back up at the bottom if that makes sense.
It's covered in white fondant and then a bit at on the cake base to look like snow, there's a few fondant fir trees dotted on the sides and then I wanted a fondant man on a snowboard going down it!

Sounds really bad that doesn't it?!

I can try and e-mail the pictures from the book if you want.

I don't have your e-mail though.

Yorkiegirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:50:48

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 03-Apr-05 18:48:56

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 03-Apr-05 18:54:35

Oh poo!

Well thank you for offering anyway. There is one cake shop I have in mind that have said they might be able to do it, so I'll find out and if not it's time for baking!


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