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What would you serve for a 2nd birthday buffet type lunch for family?

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lucysmam Sun 18-Jan-09 11:06:36

I can't be arsed to cook a proper meal & don't want to do a big party as all my mates are very competitive about what their kids can do & what they do for them (comparing kids isn't my idea of a fun party!) so I haven't invited anyone other than family.

Will stuff like sarnies/pork pie/ sausage rolls (normal kinda stuff) be ok, or a bit tight & should I go to more effort do you think?

Coldtits Sun 18-Jan-09 11:20:18

I think that sounds great.

shelleylou Sun 18-Jan-09 11:22:38

go with that sounds great exactly sort of thing i did for family on ds' 2nd birthday

EyeballsintheSky Sun 18-Jan-09 11:27:37

For DD's 1st last weekend I cheated and got M&S to do sandwiches and I made lots of sausage rolls, fairy cakes etc. I know it's extravagant but I'm not a natural hostess and even making sandwiches would stress me out despite it only being for family. Was fab, best money I've spent in ages.

Anyway, point being sarnies/s. rolls etc is fine.

lucysmam Sun 18-Jan-09 11:31:43

cheers, I'll stick with my list then & go mad with balloons & decorating the living room!

misshardbroom Sun 18-Jan-09 12:37:28

like the idea of your birthday tea.

Like even more your attitude - I get so heartily sick of people being competitive about everything to do with their kids, and I agree that the best approach is just to refuse to play that game. Good for you.

lucysmam Sun 18-Jan-09 12:59:44

thanks misshardbroom, much appreciated. If they want to see her then they're welcome to call of course, but am not going to the effort of doing something hugely fussy just to please everyone else when my lo is who the day is about smile

lizziemun Sun 18-Jan-09 13:28:38

This all ever do, dd1 is 5 the week after next and i am doing a buffet lunch for family (17 people) then a week later for 6 of her freinds.

i normally do

Cooked chicken and salad and new pots.
Part Baked bread and cheeses.
Sausage and cheese and onion rolls
crisps, snacks, dips.
a few cakes, jam tarts.

I refuse to spend lots of money on a party.

deanychip Sun 18-Jan-09 13:34:17

yep yep yep every thing that you have said lucysmam sound fab and i would love to go to a 2nd bday party like the one you have got planned......
also like your attitute towards it all, i think that you are keeping the most important things in perspective.
good on you smile

lucysmam Sun 18-Jan-09 13:37:54

cooked chicken with salad sounds like a good idea lizziemun, as do the part baked breads. I think I might add some of them to my list for next week. Thanks for the ideas

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