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I am cooking a joint of beef and loads of veg in my slower cooker, does the liquid have to cover the veg/meat?

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sandyballs Sun 18-Jan-09 09:09:18

I'm thinking not, as it would be quite a lot of liquid, but how does it cook otherwise? hmm.

sandyballs Sun 18-Jan-09 09:09:38

grin at slower cooker!

ilove Sun 18-Jan-09 09:15:11

No it doesn't, I have cooked full joints will about two eggcupfulls of water.

It creates heat and thats what cooks it...dead technical, me! You don't cover with water in the main oven do you was my reasoning! It just takes a lot longer is all!

Furball Sun 18-Jan-09 09:21:27

You do need liquid in a slow cooker.

I put the veg, then put the joint ontop of that, then add about 1/2 - 3/4 pint of boiling water. and let it do it's thing

sandyballs Sun 18-Jan-09 09:31:17


Idrankthechristmasspirits Sun 18-Jan-09 13:31:20

Actually you don't need liquid in a slow cooker at all.

For a joint of beef i normally lightly oil the sides and bottom of pot, brown the joint in a pan, roughly chop carrots parsnips and an onion, throw in pot then put joint on top.

Leave on high for 5-6 hrs, the juices that accumulate in the bottom can then be transferred to a pan for gravy.

You can roast a chicken as well the same way. An alternative is to sit the chicken on balls of tin foil if you want it to crisp slightly.

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