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Why are hot cross buns *always* 'buy one pack, get one free'?

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MrsSeanBean Fri 16-Jan-09 09:52:03

Are there any supermarket moguls on here who can explain?

Same thing with glaky pastry mince pies before Christmas.

It can't be down to seasonal benevolence surely?

MrsSeanBean Fri 16-Jan-09 09:52:21


rempy Fri 16-Jan-09 09:52:44

The bakers are trying to use up the currants left over from christmas.

rempy Fri 16-Jan-09 09:53:31

glaky is much more descriptive of bogof mince pies!

Rubyrubyrubyknittedknickers Fri 16-Jan-09 09:53:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Fri 16-Jan-09 09:54:05

Message withdrawn

puppydetox Fri 16-Jan-09 09:54:43

lol at glaky i thought it was a fair description of a lot of shop mince pies

the hot cross bun thing is cos they're utterly irresistible and one pack is never enough. the supermarkets know this and are being benevolent and saving you going out again when you've eaten he whole pack before lunch blush

mrsmaidamess Fri 16-Jan-09 09:54:53

I don't know, but I don't half fancy a hot cross bun now.

MrsSeanBean Fri 16-Jan-09 09:56:38

grin at reality!

I have a ton over here - all buttered as well - caaaatch!!!

[unhealthy breakfast emoticon]

mrsmaidamess Fri 16-Jan-09 09:58:56

Oh don't toy with me Mrs SB.

Rubyrubyrubyknittedknickers Fri 16-Jan-09 09:59:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsSeanBean Fri 16-Jan-09 09:59:53

Hot Cross Buns "Coming through"!! (said Big Cook Little Cook style)

BlueCowBackToWondering Fri 16-Jan-09 10:01:35

my freezer is full of them! DD always 'needs' a bun to get round supermarket (we go daily) and I have to freeze the rest to stop them going stale/ me eating them...

Of course I could be more organized and take one along with me!

MrsSeanBean Fri 16-Jan-09 10:04:05

Hmm, had not considered freezing.

I almost didn't buy the 2nd free pack yesterday, but this seemed silly. I figured that (a) I could eat for free for a fay if I subsisted purely on Hot Cross Buns and (b) if not, I always donate them to the birds.

MrsSeanBean Fri 16-Jan-09 10:04:50

Doh - 'day' not fay, (my feet are cold and it's putting me off my typing).

mrsmaidamess Fri 16-Jan-09 10:05:42

Well if fay's having one I want one too.

Rubyrubyrubyknittedknickers Fri 16-Jan-09 10:05:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsSeanBean Fri 16-Jan-09 10:06:37

Yup. blush

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