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I think I've done a bad thing...

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oysterpots Tue 13-Jan-09 14:41:17

I thought i was being clever and sensible doing a humungous sainsbury's order but it's just arrived and far from being frugal I feel a bit sick at how much stuff there is blush

what was I thinking? now I'm worried i have a load of food we'll never get through and have to throw away.

arghghh, what an idiot! tell me it'll be ok. mr oysterpots will go mad shock

dietstartstomorrow Tue 13-Jan-09 14:43:17

Don't worry. Im sure you can freeze some of it.

What sort of things do you think may get wasted?

MadamDeathstare Tue 13-Jan-09 14:48:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadamDeathstare Tue 13-Jan-09 14:49:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oysterpots Tue 13-Jan-09 15:03:03

ok, the things i'm worried about are:
head of broccoli
1kg sweet potatoes
1.5kg carrots
a swede
a butternut squash
a savoy cabbage
2.5kg potatoes
2 leeks
2 bulbs of fennel.

in our house there is me, mr o, and ds - 18mo. we are vegetarians. there aint much room in the freezer (mainly on account of me buying 16 teacakes - oh the shame blush)

CatIsSleepy Tue 13-Jan-09 15:06:22

sweet pots and butternut squash will keep for ages at room temp, spuds too, carrots will be good in the fridge for quite a while

brocolli-doesn't keep that well but should be good for a week or so, ditto leeks, fennel, cabbage
you could make a whole load of soup...

littlerach Tue 13-Jan-09 15:06:46

Make soup?

Or a veg bake with the root veg?

Mashed potato pie with veg?

cyteen Tue 13-Jan-09 15:07:27

Butternut squash keeps for aaaaaaaages, seriously, it's indestructible. Stick it in the veg rack and don't worry about it.

Could you make and freeze a big batch of leek and potato soup?

Sweet potatoes will keep longer than carrots and cabbage, ditto swede (I should think).

oysterpots Tue 13-Jan-09 15:31:07

ok, so squash can be eaten last, sweet potatoes, potatoes and carrots will be ok.

i'm happy to eat up the leeks,fennel and broccoli. but what's the best thing to do with cabbage??

thanks. feeling a bit better now...

bellavita Tue 13-Jan-09 15:33:38

Cabbage will keep for a bit, I had my shopping delivered last Thursday and still have half a cabbage in the fridge, which I am going to use up in some soup tomorrow.

cyteen Tue 13-Jan-09 15:33:48

you could make a big veg stew (thus handily using up some spuds/carrots/swede) and then chuck in shredded cabbage towards the end. it's a great winter warmer

dustbuster Tue 13-Jan-09 15:35:20

Savoy cabbage keeps really well in the fridge - should still be perfect after a week.

[veg box veteran emoticon]

ilovelovemydog Tue 13-Jan-09 15:36:55

You can cook the brocolli and put in bags in freezer

OrmIrian Tue 13-Jan-09 15:40:56

Most of those veg will keep in the fridge, or even out of it in the case of the potatoes (and sweet potatoes?). There is very little that is going to go off within a few days. I'd have been more concerned about salad leaves etc.

MadamDeathstare Tue 13-Jan-09 17:01:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Horton Tue 13-Jan-09 18:26:01

Cabbage very nice in a chinesey noodle soup (stock, add ginger and star anise and soy and chilli, heat, cook noodles, add cabbage shredded and cooked meat).

moondog Tue 13-Jan-09 18:28:59

Do stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce.
Big curry with the squash and pumpkin and whatnot.
Stirfry with broccoli
Soup with leeks

Good for you for going seasonal.

oysterpots Tue 13-Jan-09 18:39:14

thanks everyone, those are great suggestions. Mmmm, stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce - that sounds awesome. got a recipe moondog?

i'm half way through making huge vat or r this:


moondog Tue 13-Jan-09 19:10:41

I would combine cooked rice with onions, pine nuts,cinammon, cumin,parsley and maybe some omelette strips (or minced lamb and raisins for non veggies)
Wrap mixture in each leaf and fit tightly into a dish (wide and fairly shallow) Pour mix of tomato juice and stock over and cook for maybe 45 mins on fairly low heat.

Serve with Greek yoghurt mixed with mint and cucumber.
Summat like that.I just make it up as i go along.

Horton Tue 13-Jan-09 19:12:54

Sorry just realised you are veggie. Fried tofu would be just as nice in the chinese noodle soup.

oysterpots Tue 13-Jan-09 20:09:38

Cor, that sounds amazing moondog. will try it tomorrow. like the sound of the soup too, horton, that's on my list as well.

why do they put so few things in each bag? think that's what flipped me out - wasn't actually that much...

Horton Wed 14-Jan-09 10:31:20

The stuffed cabbage sounds gorgeous. I'm going to try that too.

MadameCastafiore Wed 14-Jan-09 10:36:00

Leek & Potato Soup
Cook and mash the rest of the potatos and mix with the precooked cabbage and freeze for bubble and squeak - good middle of the week meal with bacon and fried egg.

Cook, mash and freeze the sweet potato also in portions for a quickness in the week - you can ping it and it will be fine.

Make brocolli and stilton soup which can also be frozen.

ALso cook and freeze the carrot and swede mixed together.

I would bin the fennel hate the stuff and bloody butternut squash!

sarah293 Wed 14-Jan-09 10:41:38

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Wed 14-Jan-09 10:42:21

Message withdrawn

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