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Diced pork in slow cooker

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likessleep Tue 13-Jan-09 08:11:11

I know I've seen a recipe for pork stew somewhere and I can't find it! I was hoping to put in pork, pearl barley, carrots etc. The slow cooker is new and my last attempt went a bit belly up, so can anyone give me any recipe suggestions please?

timmette Tue 13-Jan-09 09:27:09

I do a lot of slow cooker cooking but not much pork and haven't done diced as pork can quite easily go tough - so maybe not your best bet if it's your last attempt. I do a recipe with the equivalent pork of braising steak but chinese style - so sorry can't help with the recipe. have a look on the americans do lots of slow cooker cooking and you may get some recipe help there.

ayeayesir Tue 13-Jan-09 09:33:12

Look up crock pot as that's what they call a slow cooker.

likessleep Tue 13-Jan-09 10:10:05

thanks timmette and ayeayesir. oh well, fingers crossed! i've found a recipe with carrots/mushrooms/apples and stock with the pork, so have tried that.
it smells nice already and if the pork is tough, there are enough veg to eat.
this slow cooking malarky not going well!

timmette Tue 13-Jan-09 10:48:17

Don't give up I have had lots of great food out of mine predominantly soup, chilli, anything beefy and it's quite good with pot roasting whole joints and chickens.

likessleep Tue 13-Jan-09 11:59:04

my slow cooker cookbook is on order from amazon, so hopefully my faith will be restored!
mind you, my pork and apple concoction smells quite nice! (she says hopefully!)

flatmouse Tue 13-Jan-09 12:02:47

I just got a slow cooker at the weekend and am scarily excited! Came with big free slow-cook recipe book (Lakeland/Prestige).
Have so far tried Fragrent Chicken Curry (was a bit dry), and a mushroom risotto (delicious but i think the arborio rice only needed 45 mins not an hour).
Tomorrow is my first "long cook" casserole...
Would love to see peoples best slow-cook recipes for ideas.
Hope your concoction works well !

likessleep Tue 13-Jan-09 17:31:29

pork and apple was a success!!! the apple sort of disintegrated, making the stock delicious.
sweet potatoes in it didn't work - they turned to mush.

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