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Paneer cheese ideas please.

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unicorn Thu 31-Mar-05 09:44:12

It's me again!

I bought some of this Indian cheese,as I love it when we have takeaway curries, but am now not sure what to do with it.

Any veggi recipe ideas out there?

anorak Thu 31-Mar-05 10:01:41

You can simply cut it into small cubes and add it to a vegetable curry at the last minute. If you like you can quickly brown the cubes in some butter first.

It's delicious!

anorak Thu 31-Mar-05 16:16:49

I'm just bumping this hoping some of the Indian mumsnetters might see it, as I'd be interested in some recipes too!

unicorn Thu 31-Mar-05 17:10:11

cheers anorak!

Twiglett Thu 31-Mar-05 17:15:54

this looks nice

Twiglett Thu 31-Mar-05 17:16:44

here's some more

cod Thu 31-Mar-05 17:17:01

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 31-Mar-05 17:17:23


JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 17:21:32

brown cubes of cheese in butter watch those arteries fur up!

bet it does taste good though

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