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recipes with parmesan cheese?

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hazlinh Thu 31-Mar-05 08:56:17

have got half a block of parmesan leftover from last night's pasta. anyone got any nice and easy-to-do recipes involving parmesan? thanks

mancmum Thu 31-Mar-05 09:26:59

parmesan crisps are nice --- grate it up fine and place small amounts on baking tray and cook in hot oven for 3-4 mins until crisp around edges -- lovely with glass of wine...

hoxtonchick Thu 31-Mar-05 10:00:09

if you wrap it tightly & keep it in the fridge it'll last for ages. i stick parmesan in everything though....

Loochyloo Fri 01-Apr-05 20:54:19

er my italian cousin advocates cutting a nice big block of the "skin" off about 1 cm thick, giving it a good scrape (on the bit where the "writing" is) and giving it to ds to chew on. Kids love it, great for any new teeth, though does get a bit smelly! Apparently they used to drill a hole in a piece and hang it around the child's neck for them to chew on all day....

milge Fri 01-Apr-05 20:56:38

Take chicken breast strips, dip in egg, then grated parmesan cheese, roast in oven for 15-20 mins, chicken nuggets!
Or JO has a recipe for fish dipped in egg, then parmesan cheese, then fried.

jackeroo Fri 01-Apr-05 21:00:08

if you grate it finely and use it as a crust on grilled salmon steaks it works well... or very simple - just stir it in to cooked pasta with basil or coriander, and some olive oil and black pepper...can add mushrooms, asparagus, tuna or whatever...

ScummyMummy Fri 01-Apr-05 21:03:13

make a risotto?

Love the idea of using it as a teether, Loochloo.

dropinthe Fri 01-Apr-05 21:08:14

Wilkinsons sell really cheap blocks of parmesan-£1.99 verses Sainsburys same size for £4.50.............

dropinthe Fri 01-Apr-05 21:08:30

Bring me the cheese!!!!

Loochyloo Fri 01-Apr-05 21:25:52

I have to confess that when I saw ds having a good ol chew of his I tried some too, and you know it really is quite tasty...
Does make you smell though!

madgirl Fri 01-Apr-05 21:29:42

bet the breath isn't as bad as marmite breath

Toothache Fri 01-Apr-05 21:31:41

I can find a way to make ANYTHING calorific.... this is my salad:

Mixed lettuce leaves (with lots of fresh parsley and basil),

generous squeeze of lemon juice

A glug of balsamic vinegar

A handful of salted capers

One chopped spring onion or shallot

(all nice and low fat and healthy so far eh?? )

then..... a HUGE glug of Olive oil with garlic

...and loads of grated parmesan!!!

It's amazing, trust me... and goes with anything.... we had it tonight with Swedish meatballs!

ScummyMummy Fri 01-Apr-05 21:33:05

mmmmm, toothache. That sounds like my kind of salad.

hazlinh Mon 04-Apr-05 02:13:30

lol. had a good giggle reading this, esp at loochyloo's teether idea. cant imagine how my mum will react to dd munching on a parmesan necklace hung round her neck. thanks everyone

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