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oranges - can they be a problem? or is it european fad?

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wigglewiggle Wed 30-Mar-05 17:55:36

when I went abroad (2 short break in Paris and Italy=I am italian), some people told me not to give oranges or orange juice to my 2 year old with an empty stomac or late in the evenings. my 2 year old has had oranges since she was 15 months I think (or maybe earlier)and she has had an orange most days as well as other fruit (she loves fruit) she gets a little bit (not a whole one) for breakfast at the nursery (she goes full time). at home she may ask for it after a meal (could be evening meal during the week or midday meal at the weekend) or for a mid morning/afternoon snack. for example today she asked for an orange at 5.15 pm and I have given it to her.she has now fallen asleep. I personally haven't noticed any of the 'side effects' mentioned: hyperactivity,tummy aches, disturbed sleep at night. apparently it is the vitamin c and the acid) and they are overall heavy to digest bla bla bla. ok she can get a broken night sleep but it is not related to oranges as she might get that even when she had no oranges at all, the same goes for her behaviour, she an active child but nothing out of the norm. she got really hyperactive once when she ate a jaffa cake which she will not have ever again.
I don't think I will change anything, but I felt quite hurt by people lectures, especially those by my family. well to be honest, it was not just oranges..they had something to say about a lot of food things. well I am not longer sure if I am posting this to find the truth about oranges and children or am looking for sympathy. i am proud she eats oranges and other fruit. what are mumnetters thoughts on this? comments much appreciated

Tinker Wed 30-Mar-05 17:57:52

The only problem I found with lots of oranges was a sore bum, too much acid. But that was after loads of them/juice.

skeptic Wed 30-Mar-05 17:59:14

Oranges are very acidic. My DD could not have orange juice when she was a toddler otherwise she would have days of bad stomach and a very yukky bottom.

I remember in a restaurant once, DD asked for orange juice and DH said to her "no, that's not good for you - have Sprite instead". Lots of disapproving looks from other customers.

kama Wed 30-Mar-05 18:03:54

Message withdrawn

Loochyloo Wed 30-Mar-05 21:48:55

I'm living in Italy (am also italian tho grew up in Sarf Londn) with a 8 month old ds and quite frankly have given up listening to italians and their "advice" re weaning! According to them babies shouldn't have finger foods or anything lumpy til at least 1 year old! And they start babies off on vegetable broth for about 2 months. No wonder Italians have the dullest taste buds in the world (marvellous food of course but really quite samey)
And they have the cheek to moan about Eng cuisine. Eng babies I know are MUCH better fed than italian ones!
PS: generally am finding the italians a bit too forthcoming with their "advice" on the whole, but maybe that's just me..(see another thread I started on salt on nipples to get baby off the breast - think that sums it up)

wigglewiggle Wed 30-Mar-05 21:51:11

thank you to all the people that took their time to read my message and replied so far

I will keep an eye for side effect such as sore bum/yukki bottom, although she rarely gets sore bum. actually she occasionally gets constipated and the health visitor suggested orange as a remedy. i think enough fruit variety and the orange are keeping the threat of constipation at bay(today she had a pear, some apple, half banana and an orange = althugh too late in the day by the italina/french standad = plus half ribena to drink and lots of water). I understand that acid and vitamin C in oranges have the potential to affect some children, but it annoys me that then all children should be submitted to the same regime of those who are sensitive to oranges. if I had noticed any problem I would have taken the appropriate precautions. why don't people assume that? is it not that children are not the same? my dd benefits greatly by eating that orange. she has happily gone to sleep now and that orange at 5.15 did no make a difference.

in responce to Kama... my aunt also said the other day that young children are not allowed bananas. wher does this come annoying! that could be just her and not the whole country though. I do not give more than a banana in one day as I fear for constipation. and the need for variety. and i heard about too much potassium being bad, but that's not my reason.

on one hand you get told to give so many portion of fruit and veg every day and then people can come up with all sorts of problems for a specific fruit. again I understand some fruit like some food can have adverse effect on some children who are less tolerant to certain ingredients, the assumption should be that children are different and that the parent has carefully intrduced that food to their child. do they really think that I will be feeding something to my child thatI see it is making her unwell?

Kama, I think also some people are not just giving advise. they are telling you what to do. I rationally think that they should be ignored but they can really get to me unfortunately, especially because food is such a delicate subject. I think I am feeding my dd a good balanced diet without junk, but I do give for the occasional packet of crisps(preferably organix sweets etc. it annoys me that people found faults in my ways when I am actually quite careful. although I do listen and keep an eye for things that I was not aware of.

wigglewiggle Wed 30-Mar-05 22:05:38

Oh my god loochiloo! I had a major raw with my sister for giving my dd a whole cherry tomatoe at the age of 15 months, bear in mind that dd had already had them many times before and she had been eating grapes by herself soon after she was one. dd is very independent. sister accused me of being wreckelss and putting my child in danger, i have been desowned for this.

I have been to paris for easter and found that some french can be like the italien when it comes to children and food. sorry to any french or italians whom may be offended, I know I am generalising, and i think they can follow their culture but stop interfering.

I have spoken to you in another thread about being on your own/single parent, I was barbarax. I have had to re register. I will stick to this one.

Loochyloo Thu 31-Mar-05 12:49:56

Hi Barbarax/ wigglewiggle!
You'll know exactly what I mean then
I think they do mean well though and I try not to get too snippy when they ofer their advice and tell them to bog off. Am aiming for the patient "ah i bimbi ah le mamme" smile (similar to Mona Lisa's I think)
Not sure it's working though....
I reason I'm the mum I know my child best. Hi Barbarax/ wigglewiggle!
You'll know exactly what I mean then
I think they do mean well though and I try not to get too snippy when they ofer their advice and tell them to bog off. Am aiming for the patient "ah i bimbi ah le mamme" smile (similar to Mona Lisa's I think)
Not sure it's working though....
I reason I'm the mum I know my child best. Am sure your family will come round when they see how well your daughter is doing. Maybe they're frustrated that you aren't going to them more for advice. Sounds like dd gets her independence from her mum!
PS may have to CAT you then we can carry on moaning about the italians without boring anyone else!

Loochyloo Thu 31-Mar-05 12:51:13

oops somehow went a bit mad with copy/paste on last message. Bloody PCs

wigglewiggle Thu 31-Mar-05 23:09:39


thanks for that. what does CAT invlove? instructions please I agree we should so you can tell me more.

I think you are very brave and have the right attitude but I think that because you were not brought up there, you can more easily ignore them. I wish I could be as positive as you. i think they ar away too judgemental and although they mean well, they do not accept that there are other ways to raise kids.

they are so shocked about the baked beans!! and the constant mantra is make sure you cook the tomato sauce'tutto al crudo'and no garlic, and no pizza and no watermelon, no tomato in the evening and I can go on. it would be interested to know what you are doing that it is disapproved of. i used to ask and listen to a lot of sisterly advise, but as soon as I do not take her advise religiously she makes a big drama and refuse to accept what i do. the waiter in paris refused to serve a mix fruit drink i had chosen for DD because it contained too many vitamis in the evening???? maybe a problem of communication there, but who knows hey.

Loochyloo Fri 01-Apr-05 19:58:39

I feel like I've had the same conversations as you SOOOO many times!
To CAT you means I send a message through mumsnet to say want a "private conversation" and they will contact you with my email which you can reply to if you want. You have to set your mail preferences to receive personal messages (see top bit of page) Will give it a go.
PS: French waiters! Unbelievable!
a presto

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