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Do you think DS2's diet sounds limited?

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GoodGrrrl Tue 06-Jan-09 13:29:57

He is 14mths, so i know he is little yet, but i feel like he's always eating the same things. His slightly older brother will eat almost anything, including plates of raw mushrooms!

He was will ALWAYS eat:
Potato waffles
Baked beans
Quorn sausages
Treat foods like buttons. biscuits

He'll USUALLY eat in small amounts:
Rice cakes, oat cakes
Bread in many guises (pittas, muffins etc)
Ordinary sausages

He refuses to eat at all:
Avocados, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes and any kind of eggs.

I do keep offering the things he won't eat at all, and he keeps throwing them away. When i look at what he'll sometimes eat it doesn't look so bad, but often he eats very little.

Does it look a normal healthy variety? Any ideas on new things for him to try?

iwouldgoouttonight Tue 06-Jan-09 13:40:09

I don't think his diet looks too bad - maybe try him with a few more vegetables (my DS prefers sweeter ones like carrots, swede, etc so that might be a good start). I'd keep trying him with new things but don't stress if he doesn't eat them otherwise he'll think its a big deal and might be more inclined to refuse them.

Could you try things in a slightly different format, eg, my DS normally won't eat eggs either but if I make a spanish omelette he'll eat that, and you can fill it with potatoes and different veg so he might eat more of them without realising! Also if he eats pasta, you could make a pasta sauce with some tinned tomatoes and some veg, ham, fish, or whatever and maybe grate a bit of cheese on top, and then he's getting vegetables, protein, etc.

I wouldn't stress too much about it - my DS is nearly 2.5 and goes through stages of eating everything one week and the next eating hardly anything apart from bread and grapes!

princessmel Tue 06-Jan-09 13:42:53

How about rice?

My 2 like that and I find dd manages quite well with it. Sometimes she takes so long to chew things.

timmette Tue 06-Jan-09 13:50:57

Seems a little short on fruit - maybe - but it's fine I think

GoodGrrrl Tue 06-Jan-09 14:00:45

iwouldgoout- i have tried eggs in all guises, he seems to just hate them whatever i do! it's a shame because his older brother likes them a great deal, but i cook them less often now, same with mashed potatoes.

perhaps i'll try rice again- not offered it to him for a while.

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