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Need suggestions for a bring a dish/ potluck lunch

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SuperBunny Mon 05-Jan-09 02:28:17

Am lacking inspiration. I usually make cake/ cookies,

Needs to be veggie and must travel well.

Was thinking of three bean salad but am not sure other people would eat it.

scrooged Mon 05-Jan-09 02:29:31

Pasta salad

Curried rice

Vegetable samosas

Bombay potatoes

Cheese and onion quiche

SuperBunny Mon 05-Jan-09 02:30:37

Veggie as in vegetarian. Does not need to be vegetables.

SuperBunny Mon 05-Jan-09 02:31:34

Thanks scrooged. I spent all day making curries so bombay potatoes sounds quite appealing.

scrooged Mon 05-Jan-09 02:34:30

Keep away from the Quorn as it makes some people vomit. Horrible stuff!

SuperBunny Mon 05-Jan-09 02:37:44

No Quorn, don't worry!

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