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Anyone in Doncaster, Edlington/Balby area? Do you know if there's a cake decorating supplier nearby?

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lucysmam Sun 04-Jan-09 11:42:14

what it says above really, as the only place I know of is on Doncaster market.

Cheers if you do xx

bellavita Sun 04-Jan-09 11:51:22

you could always order online

bellavita Sun 04-Jan-09 11:52:25

here you go another one

lucysmam Sun 04-Jan-09 12:17:45

cheers bella, I was thinking about ordering online but trying to avoid postage costs as my lo's birthday falls on a week when we don't get paid unfortunately so everything has to come out of next weeks shopping budget for her cake/party.

Iwill have a proper look though when I unload the washer & get dinner on.

Thanks xx

lucysmam Sun 04-Jan-09 19:12:21

bella . . . where do you find your shopping basket on the second one??? hmm I've picked some colours to order if my budget allows me to bu can't find what I've put in my basket to double check it's what I want sad

bellavita Sun 04-Jan-09 23:30:21

Sorry I am late coming back to you.. the checkout is to the right on the screen as you are looking at it - tis a bag.

Gingerbear Sun 04-Jan-09 23:44:15

There is a small shop in Stainforth. I could call in and find out if they have the things you need?

lucysmam Mon 05-Jan-09 10:31:18

cheers bella, I eventually found it. . . .after much searching! blush (right in front of me the whole time)

Gingerbear, is it easy to get to on the bus? I was after some ready coloured sugar paste to make noah's ark animals & just wanted to compare prices to those online to see if it would save me postage.

Although, if I get the bus to get there, I may as well pay the postage since bus tickets have gone up to £4! shock

Gingerbear Mon 05-Jan-09 23:57:02

There is a bus service from Doncaster to Stainforth - 87/88 To Goole/Moorends. You get off at Field Road - it is not far to Silver St.
The shop is called Posies and frills
3 Silver St
Stainforth, Doncaster, DN7 5AH
01302 843659

I have found this one in Intake:
The Sugarcraft Studio
186 Sandringham Road
South Yorkshire
01302 812587

Maybe ring them first to find out if they have the stuff you need?

lucysmam Tue 06-Jan-09 10:03:25

Thanks very much Gingerbear, I'll give them a ring this afternoon rather than spend the busa fare & be disapponted.

I'll try the one in Intake first though, Ihave a vague idea of where that is if they do have what I want.

cakedecorator Tue 23-Jun-09 14:24:50

There is the sugarcraft studio in sandringam road.
Or you could try online -lot of place like
design a cake
a piece of cake thame etc.

Cake Decorator

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