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Ok ... I know there's a giant pile of ripe/off fruit in the kitchen ...

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NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jan-09 14:13:19

I don't want to waste it.

I would normally bake fruity sorts of cakes with it ... but the house is full of Xmas sweets, I don't expect they'd get used.

Can I freeze applesauce? Make purees of other fruits, and freeze them, to mix with yogurt or put in smoothies?

Or can I just grate/cut up fruit and freeze it, for smoothies or cakes?

Or can I make fruity sorts of cakes (like carrot cake, but with fruit instead of carrot) and freeze them? Better frozen as batter, or as cakes?

scienceteacher Sat 03-Jan-09 14:14:58

I make up smoothie mixes when I have an excess of fruit. I will chop the different fruits and freeze them in takeaway containers.

When it comes to making a smoothie, I just have to add the liquid and whizz it up.

sinkingfast Sat 03-Jan-09 14:15:27

I'd go for baking cakes and freezing them. Banana loaf freezes well, as does apple cake.

mrsgboRingOutTheOld Sat 03-Jan-09 14:16:34

second the bake and freeze suggestion.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jan-09 14:17:04

Well, I can do a mix of these things.

I don't think there's banana in there. Bananas get eaten. It'll mostly be pears and citrus fruits, I think.

I make a great orange/pumpkin loaf, it's my favourite cake ever, could do with one of those in the freezer. (And I already have frozen pureed pumpkin in the freezer ...)

The mix of fruit/veg boxes, Xmas holidays, various illnesses, and me going away for a weekend is the cause of this. In case anyone cares ...

sinkingfast Sat 03-Jan-09 14:21:03

<Drool> at orange/pumpkin loaf

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jan-09 14:23:11

Here. It's a really good recipe. I use half wholemeal flour and half white. And substitute cranberries for the raisins. But it's tasty, done according to the recipe, too.

Pacific Sat 03-Jan-09 14:27:43

I have just had the same problem. I peel and stew all the fruit together creating some seriously weird combinations! Then freeze in small pots for future use.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jan-09 14:29:30

Oh, I was deffo going to peel and core it, I know I can't freeze them whole.

Right, off to find out what's in the giant pile of fruit ...

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jan-09 15:08:09

I've gone through it. Apples, ok, I'll make applesauce, that works. A few pears, not sure what to do with those, but there are clear options.

Mangoes will just get eaten, no need to do anything there.

My problem fruit: I have oranges and kiwis. WTF do I do with these?

bronze Sat 03-Jan-09 15:08:52

stewed fruit is fine to freeze

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jan-09 15:11:21

But ... can you stew kiwi and orange?

And if I did that, what would &#65321;do with it?

Web searches are leading me to believe I can peel and dice kiwi, freeze, and then use in smoothies?

bronze Sat 03-Jan-09 15:17:52

Could you candy the oranges?

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jan-09 15:19:50

Hmmm .. I tend towards low-gi food. I'm suspecting candied oranges wouldn't make the cut ...

Online stuff indicates I can freeze oranges, just have to peel + segment them, which doesn't sound disastrous. I tend to make smoothies with milk in them, though, so orange is unlikely to be useful for that. Frozen orange might be nice to eat as is?

bronze Sat 03-Jan-09 15:21:48

mmm yeah in summer I imagine they would be quite tasty

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