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OK - diet starts on Monday. What are your favourite low calorie recipes?

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ClausImWorthIt Fri 02-Jan-09 17:35:42

I am going to count calories, but don't want to go down the artificial/processed route. I cook from scratch every night anyway, but am in need of some really tasty (and suitable for the whole family) low calorie meals.

Any inspiring ideas?

frenchmumma Fri 02-Jan-09 18:24:55

Cajun baked Salmon with stir-fry vegetables.
Or vegetable curry with lots and lots of vegs...very healthy and very filling

twoluvlyNewYearsResolutions Fri 02-Jan-09 18:29:33

I've just had - chicken breast, cut into thin strips, dipped in egg white, then a coating made up of mini pitta breads, which I whizzed into breadcrumbs, with cayenne pepper and parmesan. I thinly coated a baking tray with olive oil, and baked in the oven, turning once.

served with roasted cherry tomatoes (olive oil again, and I didn't have balsamic vinegar, so used cider vinegar and Lea & Perrins), griddled courgettes and peppers and sweetcorn.

All low fat, only a tiny bit of olive oil.

DD loved it, DS & DH would have done, but they are away at footie.

worleywinterwonderland Fri 02-Jan-09 18:37:31

fry some onions, then put in a blender with a tin of tomatoes, a tin of baked beans and some worcestor sauce. blend until smooth,
heat to serve and add a little bit of cheese on the top to taste. its yummy and cheap and if following the green on slimming world almost free.

MrsSeanBean Fri 02-Jan-09 18:40:14

The sad reality is, most plans boil down to lots of lettuce at some stage. Slimming world permits unlimited pasta on 'green' days though.

Soup is quite good too, either shop bought or the homemade cabbage soup variety.

twoluvlyNewYearsResolutions Fri 02-Jan-09 19:11:32

I read the other day, that celery takes more energy to burn off/digest, than the energy it gives.

That's why it the dieter's best friend.

Luckily, I love celery, but I know lots of people don't.

ClausImWorthIt Fri 02-Jan-09 19:35:45

twoluvly - that sounds nice!

MrsSB - thankfully we all like lettuce here, but little patience from my boys (16 & 13) for soup, especially if served for dinner.

www - not really sure what to say about yours! Is it really nice? hmm

ClausImWorthIt Fri 02-Jan-09 19:36:30

frenchmumma - how do you make your cajun salmon?

mrsmaidamess Fri 02-Jan-09 19:38:08

Instead of counting calories and cooking low cal, both which I think are hard to maintain long term, why not just cut down on portion size?

ClausImWorthIt Fri 02-Jan-09 19:39:06

Yes, will do that as well. But I still need inspiration for the meals that I will cut down in the first place!

frenchmumma Fri 02-Jan-09 22:17:27

Just score salmon filets and shake over some Shwarts Cajun spices, bake in the oven on a fairly high heat so the top goes crusty, squeeze lime or lemon juice over...very yummy

Or try bakes haddock or cod with a teaspoon of Pesto over the top, bake in oven as above

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