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I have another pastry question if anyone has a mo

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lucysmam Thu 01-Jan-09 16:08:00

I was planning on making the minced beef wellington from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food book. The recipe says I need puff pastry, is that different to the pastry you use for mince pies?

& if it is, would I be ok using the sort of pastry you use for mince pies? As I have made some this afternoon & don't know what else to do with it now I've made it

TiA smile

CharleeinChains Thu 01-Jan-09 16:09:14

If you have not made sweet pastry it will be fine i should think. smile

ClausImWorthIt Thu 01-Jan-09 16:10:04

You can make mince pies with shortcrust or puff pastry, so that doesn't really help you!

For the beef I would have thought that puff would be much, much nicer.

If you've made it yourself I would guess that you've made shortcrust - rubbed fat into flour until it resembled breadcrumbs, added water until you made a dough?

Puff pastry is much more complicated and involves rolling the pastry several times with layers of butter.

lucysmam Thu 01-Jan-09 16:14:24

ClausImWorthIt, sounds like it's shortcrust I've made yeah. Would it not be nice in what I've made?

How complicated is puff pastry to make? & could I do it before 7pm tonight?

NAB3lovelychildren Thu 01-Jan-09 16:14:54

I made mince pies with puff pastry and think shortcrust is better tbh. If it is made, I would use it for your beef welly no problem.

lucysmam Thu 01-Jan-09 16:16:25

thank-you NAB3, I will try it in that case & see how it goes smile

ClausImWorthIt Thu 01-Jan-09 16:18:16

I'd not bother trying to make puff pastry now, to be honest - it is a bit of a faff - and I'm sure it will be lovely with shortcrust. IMO, any pastry is lovely!

lucysmam Thu 01-Jan-09 16:20:13

if it's a faff then I'll just use what's made & keep fingers crossed it turns out ok. Cheers

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 07:06:13

How was it?

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