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What shall I make for pudding?

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NAB3lovelychildren Thu 01-Jan-09 13:35:23

I am doing a light chicken casserole of dinner but need to get busy in the kitchen and produce a pudding. Any ideas?

bigTillyMint Thu 01-Jan-09 13:36:32


WinkyWinkola Thu 01-Jan-09 13:40:35

Eton mess?

NAB3lovelychildren Thu 01-Jan-09 14:01:32

DS1 wants something chocolatey.

BBBee Thu 01-Jan-09 14:02:25

profeteroles (sp)

NAB3lovelychildren Thu 01-Jan-09 14:02:48

Never made them but feeling like I could try.

bigTillyMint Thu 01-Jan-09 18:27:25

Chocolate triflegrin

naswm Thu 01-Jan-09 18:33:15

choc mousse? altho prob too late now, you have prob eaten whatever you made!

NAB3lovelychildren Thu 01-Jan-09 20:03:03

I made profiteroles and they were gooooooooooooooooooooooood grin

naswm Thu 01-Jan-09 21:18:52


BBBee Fri 02-Jan-09 09:00:03


they are hard tricksy but SO worth it!

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 11:51:19

I was actually surprised how easy they were too make. Wouldn't mind trying out the eclairs or heart shapes cakes I have recipes for next.

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