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Cant seem to find soup pasta for my 6 month old?

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Tallgirl Mon 28-Mar-05 16:15:08

tTHey used to do it in my local Waitrose when DS (now 3)was baby but dont seemto do it any more. Also tried my local Tesco but no luck. Not in Italian deli territory - any other ideas or supermarkets that might do it? DD is only 6 months old so need something that will puree easily - might try chopping up spagetti but think soup pasta would be easier.


tiffini Mon 28-Mar-05 16:17:03

have you tried a health food shop?

tiffini Mon 28-Mar-05 16:20:44

or as a last resort you could ring the heinz helpline, they may be able to help you or even send you a couple of packets.

Tallgirl Mon 28-Mar-05 16:25:08

Thanks - hadnt thought of the health food shop although more likely to stock gluten free! Didnt know Heinz did it? I know there is 'baby' pasta but this tends to be expensivea and also gluten free which is not necessary.

Thanks for the tips.

tiffini Mon 28-Mar-05 16:27:34

Heinz use it in there baby food jars, so should be able to help

snafu Mon 28-Mar-05 16:27:49

Sainsbury's do conchigliette (sp?) which is tiny shells. It's in their ordinary range so not expensive and my ds loves it.

Cod Mon 28-Mar-05 16:31:36

Message withdrawn

Enid Mon 28-Mar-05 16:59:41

moondog Mon 28-Mar-05 17:11:53

Just use regular stuff and blitz it with a hand held blender. Goes down very well chez Moondog!

chipmonkey Mon 28-Mar-05 17:47:35

Don't Boots do it?

KathH Mon 28-Mar-05 18:38:40

i've seen some small pasta in sainsburys - think it was about 50p.

Yorkiegirl Mon 28-Mar-05 18:41:01

Message withdrawn

Chickyboo Mon 28-Mar-05 18:52:41

I bought some baby pasta from my local deli..its normally called Pastina. I have never been able to buy any type of soup pasta in the supermarkets. Where do you live?

Twiglett Mon 28-Mar-05 19:21:30

snafu Mon 28-Mar-05 19:24:37

So who's going to do the links then?

hunkermunker Mon 28-Mar-05 19:27:47

I always use regular pasta and let DS hold it and chew it. Rigatoni or penne work very well. He's a year old now, but has always had this - never bothered with baby pasta (Cod would be proud!).

And may I also add <<snurk>>

Tallgirl Tue 29-Mar-05 09:15:18

Thanks for all the replies - not sure what all the 'snurking' is about though! couldnt find it in my local Tesco and i'm sure pureeing it would be fine just remember using is with DS and was good as didnt have to puree the actual pasta.

Think my sainsbury's do something similar.

Live in Wokingham so not really any 'delis' round here! might try my local health food shop.

Ta a lot

katierocket Tue 29-Mar-05 09:19:19

excellent - I thought this was one of yours Cod

katierocket Tue 29-Mar-05 09:24:21

sorry tallgirl it's a bit of a standing joke - see

and here

and here
and there are many more!

Tallgirl Tue 29-Mar-05 09:51:29

Well that has told me - must look on archived messages next time as usually just look on current ones - sorry all!

Please ignore this stupid thread!

Must go and do some work now!

tassis Tue 29-Mar-05 19:56:12

tallgirl, don't feel stupid. i bet most people don't check archived messages first.

can i suggest couscous as a fab pasta alternative that doesn't require cooking or pureeing

piffle Tue 29-Mar-05 20:04:33

I found it more trouble than worth tbh
dd always thrived on chopped up penne or fusilli never fed it to her before 11 mths though.. she gagged to readily!

Cod Wed 30-Mar-05 09:09:57

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Thu 31-Mar-05 01:11:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wysiwyg Mon 20-Jun-05 10:04:37

Oh I am SOOOOOOOO pleased I checked the archive before starting up a new thread about Baby Pasta this morning!
FYI (Cod and others) have emailed Boots to see if they can't start stocking this again (bought it about 5 years ago for DD)

LOL at the threads and jokes - cheered up my Monday morning!!!!!!!!!!

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