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Gelatine panic - please reassure me!

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snickersnack Wed 31-Dec-08 11:18:00

Am doing blackberries in muscat jelly for dinner tonight - never used gelatine before. I followed the recipe exactly - it's been in the fridge in glasses for about 90 minutes and still looks really really wet and runny. The recipe says 3-4 hours to set, so I've got a while, but if it's not going to work I need to think quickly about an alternative pudding. Please reassure me!

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Wed 31-Dec-08 12:09:26

I'm sure you'll be fine, the recipe says 3-4 hours and you're still less than half-way through that time.

BirdyArms Wed 31-Dec-08 12:16:09

I made a Jamie Oliver wine jelly thing that needed a lot more gelatine to set than the recipe said so I think you need to be careful. Could you make up a small amount of more concentrated wine and gelatine mixture and mix it in with what you've already made to be on the safe side? Or I would have something else on standby.

moopymoo Wed 31-Dec-08 12:17:22

yes if its not at all gloopy by now I would do what birdy says.

snickersnack Wed 31-Dec-08 14:50:18

Result! They've set! They aren't totally jelly like but don't think they are meant to be. The recipe did say they would be set but fairly gloopy.

I never really trust Nigella since she let me down badly with chocolate pot quantities but I think I might have pulled this one off. They smell amazing.


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