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don't want to eat again

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misshardbroom Tue 30-Dec-08 09:27:34

I've reached the same point I always reach within a week of Christmas: I am sick of all the wintery, Christmassy food and am now eating mince pies for breakfast just to get them out of the house. blush

But in fact, beyond this the cupboards are by and large bare, and so I need to start thinking of practical, nutritious cheap (oh, so cheap!) meals for 5.

So what's your post Christmas meal plan looking like?

nappyzonehasastroppytoddler Tue 30-Dec-08 09:30:18

cheap - we did an asda shop last night and it was very practical - not a treat in sight (well almost as i snook in some frozen profiteroles as they were reduced oh and some garlic bread). Still came to £58 though !

jooseyfruit Tue 30-Dec-08 09:32:45

jacket potatoes.

just made dead nice coleslaw with red and white cabbage, carrot and onion, with half mayo and half natural yoghurt.

am craving fruit and veg.

having pot roast beef new years day, but with tons of veg.

<wobbles off to fry leftover christmas pud in butter.....yes, fry!>

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