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Fussy 18 month old eater!

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Bex05 Sun 27-Mar-05 14:54:35

I'm new to all of this, so any advice would be great.
My 18month old is terrible at eating food regularly and even getting food in her. It's really getting me down as I feel she's not getting what she needs. She'll refuse food before she's even tasted it! I've tried a whole variety of foods, she tends to live off toast, or beans on toast etc. she'll eat yoghurts and sometimes fruit. Is there different techniques I can try? to persuade her to eat? I'm really beginning to lose my patience. Please help!

colditzmum Sun 27-Mar-05 15:00:55

Hi bex, have a look on the thread you answered and I have posted you a reply there. Sorry i can't do links

colditzmum Sun 27-Mar-05 15:02:01

by the way, beans on toast is very nutricious, so if you give her baked beans with every meal and thats all she eats, its better than toast!

Bex05 Sun 27-Mar-05 15:04:36

Thank you. I have had a look and will try this method. I think because I'm a 1st time mum I'm afraid to try these sorts of methods, as I'm unsure as to what the outcome could be! Yoghurts are given quite alot, and after reading what you posted it sounds very similar. My daughter will generally always eat a yoghurt and will demand one even if she hasn't finished whats she's eating!

colditzmum Sun 27-Mar-05 15:09:49

Mine used to hide his dinner or throw it on the floor, which he still does now sometimes (he is nearly 2).

As a last resort, we did this. Blend up some sweet vegetables (carrot n swede etc) and put them in a yoghurt pot with a little bit of yoghurt.

Have you showed her the fun of dipping? My son will dip banana in yoghrt, bread sticks on cheese spread etc.

We also use the blender to whizz whatever veg we are having with our meal into a "sauce" to go on top of the bit I know he will eat!

CelluliteQueen Mon 28-Mar-05 06:23:43

Hi Bex05, I'm with you on this one. My DS is 20mo and up until a couple of months ago, would eat anything. Now he has become a fussy little sod and will throw food straight on the floor if he doesn't like the look of it.

colditzmum, I am going to try the advice you offered on the other thread. If all else fails, then starve him into submission .

suzywong Mon 28-Mar-05 06:28:16

it's very very very tedious isn't it?
I have just discovered that the reason ds2, 18mo, turns up his nose at most things I cook for him is that he wants to feed himself, so I got one of those dishes that sticks to the table, a big bib and a floor mat and a spoon and fork that have a bend in then to make it easier to handle and off he goes.

He doesn't get it all in, and he will allow me to put the food on the fork for him and hand it back to him so he can deliver it to his own mouth.

Bex05 Mon 28-Mar-05 09:15:54

well, tea time last night was a good one. I didn't give my daughter much nibbles etc. between meals or drink and she sat quietly and ate quite alot of her tea! It was nice to sit there and eat my tea whilst it was still hot! I didn't give in to her and give her a yoghurt either. I shall keep trying and see how I get on the next few days. Thanks for the advice, seems like it could be working.

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