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Which receipe book for slow cooker meal ideas?

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ThomcatIsForLifeNotJustForXmas Sat 27-Dec-08 21:20:53

My lovely Ma bought me a fab slow cooker. Trouble is I lost the little recipe book it came with and have no idea where to start with it. Would love a good recipe book. Amazon list about 4 pages of them but have no idea which to go for. Any suggestions?

tiredemma Sat 27-Dec-08 21:26:27

we have this one- its v. good, highly recommend it

ThomcatIsForLifeNotJustForXmas Sat 27-Dec-08 21:41:03

Thank you smile

ThomcatIsForLifeNotJustForXmas Sat 27-Dec-08 21:59:29

Is that one good for basic ideas and recipes I can chuck in stuff in the morning, go to work and come home and it's done? The book reviews I've looked at so far seem to say 'this book (not one you linked to tiredemma, just generally) 'is not the one for you if you just want to chuck in ingredients and come home to a delicious meal', which is what I want.

ThomcatIsForLifeNotJustForXmas Sun 28-Dec-08 11:56:42

Can anyone recommend a really basic, chuck it and go to work for the day recipe book for a slow cooker?

TsarHumbug Sun 28-Dec-08 12:07:01

Not a book Thomcat, but you might like
this sitesmile
('Crockpot' is American for Slow Cooker...I wondered about that for a bit!)

ThomcatIsForLifeNotJustForXmas Sun 28-Dec-08 12:15:35

Thank you

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