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please - ideas for veggie finger food breakfasts!

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ionesmum Sat 26-Mar-05 12:16:37

My dds only eat finger food for breakfast. Any ideas on somefthing other than toast?


jane313 Sat 26-Mar-05 12:28:38

crumpets, muffins, dried fruit, croissants, bananas, bits of scrambled egg, dry mini shredded wheat or go the continental route with cheese?

pootlepod Sat 26-Mar-05 12:41:55

eggy bread? omelette?

ionesmum Sat 26-Mar-05 15:51:34

Thanks for the ideas!

fairi Mon 11-Apr-05 22:13:41

try things like dates and other dried fruit (sulphur free) - my ds loves that... also give him fresh fruit (I very often just give one or two sorts at a time).... cut into slices ... things like apples, pears, mango, melons/watermelons, papino, banana or whole grapes and he loves baby tomatoes

fairi Mon 11-Apr-05 22:16:06

I forgot to say... I tend not to do "traditional" breakfast/lunch/supper and prefer to get something nutritious down at any time instead... I find he tends to "graze"... little bits all day.

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