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Rooster Potatoes

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TheFalconInThePearTree Mon 22-Dec-08 20:30:34

I keep seeing these on television and in supermarkets. Has anyone tried them and are they good for mash?

nickytinseltimes Mon 22-Dec-08 20:31:50

They are fab for roasting.
I'd imagine they are lovely mashed - very fluffy.,

IAteTheWholeSelectionBox Mon 22-Dec-08 20:33:48

They're marvellous. My new favourite variety. I've got a supply locally - they come all muddy and smell divine. Definitely ones to roast but whatever I've done with them has been lovely. They make fab wedges.

shitehawk Mon 22-Dec-08 20:41:06

They make a lovely mash. Really nice, tasty spuds however you cook them.

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